CoverClip’s adventure begins here, H-Farm, a couple of days ago when CoverClip’s idea was pitched for the first time, and a bunch of awesome boys and girls decided to work at it for 54 hours tour-de-force called startup week-end. When I pitched it for the first time it was nothing but a cool idea of a tool that any company can use to manage job applications, giving applicants the chance to shoot a video, just like a teaser-trailer of their own. The main idea was just to give a custom widget to each company, so that people who registered to make an application, would register to our community, too.

After two days of hard work it feels like a company is starting-up. We got a not only a name and logo, but a pricing model, financing needs, and a couple of mock-ups of how could it look like. The main intuition that came during the startup week-end was the idea of an algorithm that can sort job applications, to highlight the best ones, and save time. I’m really happy on how a nice idea turned basically into a startup company.

Now many things have to be set up, but now we have a project to believe in, and let’s see if we are able to make it grow into a company.

For those of you who speak Italian, here’s CoverClip’s very first pitch, enjoy 🙂

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