Hard working summer

Hard working summer

The development of the product keeps on going. We are taking the product further and keeping more and more distance from the original idea to focus on videos. Videos are tough instruments for candidates, they are invasive, although terribly useful to communicate personality, therefore videos won’t be mandatory anymore.

We are realizing more and more that technology will be the key to success for the product. In particular we are working really hard on the algorithm side, inserting for the first time tools to understand HR managers’ preferences. It’s not easy, at all, lots of work to do, and sacrificing UX for technology on the pipeline of development is not the choice that makes the product immediately appealing for clients, but can make it scalable in the mid term.

We strived to understand which are the most important features that a system like ours have to have, and we decided to focus on the algorithm, and the database of interesting applicants. We worked long hours almost “secretly” cooperating with one of the most well known law firms in Italy to understand what a company that receives 300 profiles per months need. This was tough, but terribly useful.

Once we had this clear, we decided just to focus on technology, and make the algorithm work perfectly. It may take few time more, but it’s worth it. We are trying to get things done as fast as possible, and release the MVP.

In the mean time, this is the very first screenshot of the profile’s page (we are not shy, so enjoy!):


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