Meritocracy wins at SF startup shark-thank @TempleClub

Meritocracy wins at SF startup shark-thank @TempleClub


Meritocracy just won SF startup shark-thank, held in Temple club in downtown San Francisco. It was a great night, great atmosphere and great people. We competed against 20 more companies, every one having 2 minutes to present their companies in front of roughly 200 people. Luckily we were able to be striking enough to attract the attention of both the investors, who chose the 5 finalist companies, and the public, screaming enough to get us the victory among those.

It’s really amazing to note the enthusiasm in this city, where everything goes fast as light, and chances to succeed exist for everyone who is stubborn and good enough to finally get lucky. At least, this is the sensations we have.

Along with the contest we won the chance to participate to Society3 traction Accelerator program, which is an enormous chance for us. We will be working to deserve it.

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