Nowadays more and more employers seek candidates with at least one experience abroad. Besides the improved language skills, Erasmus Programs provide students with different soft skills, that will reveals extremely valuable to employers.

 Goal oriented: In order to be admitted to the Erasmus program, students usually have to demonstrate, through their academic records, that they are ready to face an experience abroad. During the interview you can exploit the “preparation time” in order to show your ability to work in a goal-oriented environment. By simply explaining your efforts in order to gain higher grades or your commitment to a cause related to the Country you wanted to go to, you are showing your commitment to your own goal (to go abroad) and what you are capable of when you have an aim.

 Time Management & Proactivity: After being admitted to the Erasmus program, students usually face several deadlines to present paperwork and document. In this phase you learn to cope with deadlines and to manage your time between university’s duties and all the bureaucratic iter. Moreover, you learn to forecast possible hitches along the way and prevent them, acting proactively.

 Team player: When a student starts the Erasmus, at the beginning he/she starts meeting people from different cultures, with different priorities and habits. Being able to work together during class’ group-works and living together demonstrate your team orientation and adaptability.

 Problem Solving: this is actually a skill every person who live alone learns, especially the expat. From the light of the fridge that does not light, to the visa and residence permit, or health insurance. Every problem that goes beyond the predictable may affect you much more when you are abroad and if you manage to solve it, you acquire a precious skill.

 Independence: Once you have lived alone and abroad for more than 3 months, you manage to be independent and not to rely on someone else help. This is a fundamental trait for modern employers and a valuable skill that will help you, not only in your career but mostly in your everyday life!

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