HOW TO: 5 Useful Tips to be Prepared for a Job interview!

HOW TO: 5 Useful Tips to be Prepared for a Job interview!

Gathering information before an interview might be a stressful process and you might tend to leave some information behind and give some others for granted.

Here you can find a lost of useful tips that usually are taken for granted but have to be planned ahead!

  1. The more you know about the company, the best you will perform! Well, this is actually straightforward. If you have managed to collect a useful amount of information about the company you will manage to answer any kind of question more easily. Even if the question do not addresses a direct information you have, a solid and wide breath of knowledge about the firm will come in hand when making hypothesis to answer the most difficult question.
  2. The more you know about the job position, the more you will manage to focus your answers! Giving a precise and straight-to-the-point answer is never an easy task, especially when you are under pressure. Having a deep understanding of the requirement presented in the job description gives you a focus point when answering all sort of question. Tip: try to tie every generic answer about your abilities and experiences to some keywords in the job description, this will help you focusing the answers and will help the recruiter to understand better how you can improve the company’s performance.
  3. The more you know about the recruiting process, the more ready you will feel! Try to search in some forums how the company you are applying for handles the screening process and find out what are the previous experiences of people who have gone through the same process. This will help you figure out what are the features of the work environment and it will also help you to prepare some answers to recurring questions.
  4. Try to know something about the recruiter! If you have some kind of information about who will be in charge of your job interview, try to find some common interests or a good first discussion subject. Be aware: do not fall into the “creepy candidate” trap! If you find out that he/she plays the guitar because the band’s page still meander in the air of MySpace, do not learn by heart the brand of its guitar, the pedals and so on!
  5. Check the firm headquarters! Always arrive on time to an Interview. Even better: arrive 10 to 15 minutes before the appointment! Check the address and, if you manage, find out how the workspaces are arranged and how they look like. You will be prepared to find at least the reception: you have no time to get lost in the fire stairwells!

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