Brand new year, brand new morning routine

Brand new year, brand new morning routine

You might know the saying “Well begun is half done”. We could take it as a guide for our life and starting a new better way to wake up. Don’t you think?

Did you ever take a moment to think about your morning routine and how this has an impact during your daily life? We are sure that the alarm clock sounds to you as the worst thing ever. Well, you’re not the only one.

Even if everything said before is true, we believe that there is a new way to reconsider your routine in the morning. A new beginning that can really help you to get your life and your career better.

What is your first act when the alarm rings (except the bad words)? Maybe you check some emails, scroll the newsfeed from your social networks, then you wake up for a big cup of coffee. What if you’re going to start with a “thank you”? Be thankful either to someone or something could seem stupid, but it helps you to see your stuff in a positive way. So just write it down and make it real.

Moreover, as the Latins used to say “Mens sana in corpore sana”, before breakfast take few time to exercise. Yes, you read right: running, or walking in the morning is one of the best habits you should have. Being in a good shape helps you to be strength facing all the issues during your daily work.

During your breakfast, take few more minutes to write some ideas on a paper without thinking: just let it flow! You can write about everything: a story, tips to improve your work, ideas. You won’t believe how productive can be your mind as soon as you wake up!

Just try some of these tips and tell us if they are helpful for your career. Ready to start tomorrow?

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