Keep improving your talent during the weekend

Keep improving your talent during the weekend

We have just few hours left to start the weekend… finally! What are your plans?
Hanging up with friends, catching up with the latest episode of your favourite TV Show on Netflix, or house cleaning maybe
Whatever you’re up to this weekend, bear in mind the best way to recharge your battery and improve your life. Take a look!

Here are some tips of how to improve your talent during the weekend.

1. Don’t sleep too much
Of course you need to rest and to “reawake your force” again (poetry licence), but don’t oversleep. Try to wake up always at the same time. This will help you regulate your body’s clock.. But hey, do not desperate, an afternoon nap is higly adviced: a quick break after lunch helps you to relaxe and reap all the phisical and mental health benefits. 10 to 45 minutes will be enough.

2. Clean your house… and your mind
Now that you realize Saturday morning really exists, what can you do to make it more productive? You could try to clean up your space. You will discover how therapeutic it can be. Being able to reorganise your house will give you the strenght to believe that you can put your thoughts and your life in oder, while getting a work out!

3. Exercise
Spend some time either at the gym, jogging or doing yoga. This will help you to relax your body but also to reinforce your mind. It’s always good to do it without following a set schedule like you do during the weekdays.

4. Do not overschedule
It’s weekend, so for two days you can potentially do whatever you want. So spend your time focusing on what you’re doing and do not . For example you can try to cook new dishes.

5. Be “Techfree”
Try to stay away from tablets, TVs and smartphones as much as you can. The brain needs to take a break from all the devices that stress us during weekdays. You can either read a book instead or write your thoughts on a note.

6. Go outside
Or you can go outside. Let’s be clear: weekend is not built to stay inside the house. So make a plan to discover new places, to visit a new exhibition, to attend live concerts, etc.

7. Spend time with people you care about
Reconnect with people that makes you feel a better person. Everyday we get in contact with a lot of people and some of them are not that cool. Use the weekend to hang out either with your family or your friends. Make them feel you’re there for them. Spending some qualitative time with people you care about will make you feel much better. At the end of the day, this is what really matters right?

Feel free to follow those tips to cheer yourself up on “Blue Mondays”.

Are there some other tips you use to improve your talent during the weekends?

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