Unconventional recruiting: Gamefication

Unconventional recruiting: Gamefication

Think about a Career Fair… How many times have you been there? How many times have you seen more than 50 Companies presenting themselves in exactly the same way?
If big companies want to win the “Talent Acquisition’s war”, attending a career fair is not enough anymore. They need to take a step further to attract the best and engage them with the company’s vision.

The real challenge is how to do it best. How can we reach young talent? How can we drive our mission and vision across?
The key is to balance Communication, Marketing and HR strategies.
Now more than ever HR Professionals must necessarily adopt new recruiting strategies that also include communication and marketing techniques.

Brand new recruiting strategies are a must also for those recruiters who haven’t worked with the colleagues from marketing before.

Here we are going to show you some of the most innovative and creative recruiting campaigns, that have been successfully adopting this new trend.
We at Meritocracy have chosen 10 of them and we will share it with you on our blog in the upcoming weeks.

Today we are taking a look at the INNERISLAND marketing campaign run by MSC Crociere (the Swiss based Cruise Company).

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(Source: Facebook Company Page)

Everything revolves around the tag #gamefication which has recently been successfully used in training and recruiting strategies.
By using a game-focused technique in empowering the employer brand, MSC Crociere has successfully reduced the recruiting process and increased the talent engament.

With this in mind, MSC Crociere launched the #INNERISLAND campaign, targeting the Y Generation. #INNERISLAND was a digital contest in which users had a chance to win 6 months internship programs withing the company by demonstrating their skills at playing a game.
Players were asked to develop their own idea of cruise, choose the destination, food & beverages, type of entertainment, sport & wellness.
MSC’s goal was to attract young professionals with innovative ideas and entrepreneurial spirit.

#INNERISLAND shows us not only how a gamefication-based approach may be used to enhance attraction but also how such a digital approach is the perfect strategy to attact Millennials as it speaks the same language.


(Source: Facebook Company Page)

Well done MSC Crociere! We now want to know more in regards to the results of the campaign.

Here you may find original teaser trailer (in the Italian language) of the contest:


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