SLACK and the HR

SLACK and the HR

Slack is a tool for those who, actually, aren’t slack at all.

For those people who have no idea what we are talking about, Slack is the perfect instant messaging platform for team work in the 21st century. In spite of its name, it is not for slack people, but rather the opposite.

slack-recruiting-toolWith Slack it is possible to overcome the old-fashioned email system, and keep a new type of contact with your teammates. You can send direct messages, call, drag, drop, share, search and post all in one tool. It is a channel to contact your co-workers and share everything with them without the need to send tons of annoying emails.

Not only Slack is the new system for professional communication, but also for HR recruitment.
Slack is changing recruiting faster than you think. In fact, it’s already happening.
Most of the innovative HR and recruiting tech companies have already Slack apps. If they don’t, they’re likely building them in this exact moment.
You can do many things with Slack concerning the hiring process: you can use, for example, Slack Notes to keep annotations about the job opening; create a Slack channel per job opening with the aim to discuss the notes about every candidate for the job; you can have Slack Hooks that attracts and gathers all the resumé from websites and posts into the recruiting channel . The possibilities to use Slack as a recruiting tool are numerous, more than we think.
If you look for Slack groups in your browser, you can ask to be part of a brand new community of professionals, where job openings are often posted. To be clear, it is like a social media homepage, a feed, where all the articles, comments and jobs are posted and you can browse them easily. Everyone can join this topic-based communities (just after having proved some knowledge on the topic), this means that even head hunters can see if there is somebodyvery interesting around.

The thing is that Slack as a recruiting tool is yet not that common and there are many reasons that can explain this: recruiters are not that ready to jump out of their comfort zone and try a technology that hasn’t originally been developed for recruitment, using it to help improve the way they hire. Slack and its apps opened a lot of doors to help recruitment and making it easier and more efficient, and it is just a matter of time that all recruiters will be using it.

This app not only is a recruiting tool, but also the gateway to a workplace artificial intelligence system that will answer routine questions (for example, the wifi password), and proactively seek out information you might otherwise miss. Thanks to Slack, it will be easier to receive an answer to every question, even the easiest ones .
Slack will be getting smarter and smarter, and even suggest information that it thinks you may want to know. It will know the people you trust and the topics you tend to like, and over time it will figure out how to route information to you. This will become especially useful as Slack scales up to work with large companies. The company wants to make Slack’s artificial intelligence even stronger by enabling it to look out through your messages so you don’t have to.

Slack is a new tool that is still trying to get its space and trying to be avantgarde in recruiting, a tool that  shares information quickly, and informally and creates a ‘go to’ point for internal content. Email is obviously great for formal communication with external partners, but for anything other than this, there’s Slack.



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