Ted Talks to hack a job interview

Ted Talks to hack a job interview

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Feeling nervous about a job interview is totally normal. Interviews are crucial, and in those moments we feel like our life depends on that. These Ted Talks teach how to show confidence, even if at first you do not have any, following the principle that voice and body can boost our confidence, and give the right first impression to the listeners. If you learn from the following videos, you will absorb the tips and hints that will lead you to a successful interview.

When we introduce ourselves to others, it appears the never ending tragedy of remembering the other person’s name. But, what if it is partially our fault? What if we say our name wrong? Laura Sicola explains the secret of tonality and the importance of sounding credible, using as an example the way we introduce ourselves. We need to sound authentic and learn to adapt our tone and personalty to every occasion.

Dr. Ivan Joseph says that self-confidence is a skill that needs to be mastered. We should be the first ones to believe that we can actually achieve our goals. We must be persistent, and learn not to accept failures. J.K Rowling had to bring her books to 12-13 publishers before they actually printed Harry Potter. She did not bail, but moved on and faced the struggles. Negative self-talk is another thing to avoid. We do not need to tell ourselves that we cannot do something, thoughts influence actions and we need to reaffirm ourselves all the time.

In this speech, Caroline Goyder teaches us to that our confidence lies within. The lesson we must learn is to know where to look. Confidence is a matter of voice, breath, practice and understanding when to be silent.

Social psychologist Amy Cuddy argues that our nonverbal actions can actually change how others see us, but also the way we see ourselves. Our behavior can determine our outcome, we just need to believe it. She explains very clearly which posture we should be assuming in a job interview in order to succeed. What we do and the position we assume can boost feelings of confidence, and might have an impact on our chances for success.

Human voice is a powerful instrument, and we must understand how to play it properly. How can we persuade people, speak powerfully and look confident? It is all about adapting our voice and understanding the secrets of tone. Julian Treasure explains that we have to avoid some behaviors and introduce others, it is a matter of H.A.I.L. 

All these videos have one goal: prepare our mindset before an interview. Being judged by an interviewer is definitely tough, a challenge for our self-esteem, but we need to understand how to sell ourselves in the best way possible. We need to be prepared and confident, and even pretend to be bold until we actually believe we are.

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