A brave new (mobile-first) world

A brave new (mobile-first) world

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The mobile-first world is an increasing reality, and the most common point of interaction for what concerns communication and information in the companies. The definition mobile-first world refers to the fact that mobile devices now became the extension of our body, and they can be used by HR in order to improve satisfaction within the companies, but also to hire best-fit candidates in a faster and easier way.

The mobile-first strategy has the potential to transform any business, which must embrace mobile technology to maintain and drive employee engagement and satisfaction.
When HR practitioners employ mobile technology, they can realize significant cost savings and strategic business benefits. HR practitioners must lead the business shift to a mobile-first world, to enable flexible work arrangements that will deliver a competitive advantage, and drive employee satisfaction.

How can HR benefit from this?

Implementing mobile applications would be very helpful in many HR department’s processes, like recruiting, where almost all job seekers do believe now that mobile devices are important for job searching; time and attendance, which would mean a mobile app that can automatically clock an employee in when arriving to a particular location (very helpful if employees work from multiple locations); employee needs, it would be the idea of an app to send requests, information, access the profile, and more; analytics, to keep an eye on trends, data, performance, analysis, and insights.
As the employee workforce becomes increasingly mobile-oriented, a mobile-first strategy has the potential to keep your employees engaged, increase their productivity, and strengthen your employer brand.

A study conducted by Bersin by Deloitte in 2015 found that 93% of the 45 human capital management (HCM) solution providers surveyed support HR and talent applications on smartphones, and many of these develop for mobile devices first. Katherine Jones, Ph.D., vice president, HCM Technology research, at Bersin by Deloitte, added that HR professionals are likely to find always more sophisticated mobile apps covering all aspects of HR. She said that the more digital we get, the more likely we will use digital devices for more things than just HCM. She considered it just the first step to more accessible and lower-cost workforce management.

AI and mobile became essential in the job research market. Head hunters take hours to find proper and best-fit candidates and now the startup Workey found a solution. In its Tel Aviv-headquarters, Workey announced that they wanted to use AI to optimize the process by matching companies with potential candidates. This is a sign that its competition is likely to increase in the upcoming future. Workey has raised around $9.6 million with the principle goal to expand in the U.S., open an office in New York City, and, most of all, hire people for this research and data science teams.

From mobile-first to AI-first world

Not even a month ago Google CEO Sundar Pichai stated they were moving from mobile-first world to AI-first world. The changes he described can be applied to nearly every business today. It’s all about a transition from “searching and organizing the world’s information to AI and machine learning,” Pichai said. Google is now at a point where they are increasingly approaching product development with an artificial intelligence mindset.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the latest frontier for Google as it moves away from its mobile-first approach.

Companies so far have understood that a mobile-first world is happening, and many are struggling to jump on the mobile bandwagon with HR apps to improve employee engagement and productivity. But not all apps are created equal. When you focus on the mobile experience first, you can build the app around specific use cases and create mobile-specific solutions.

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