How to avoid getting distracted at work

How to avoid getting distracted at work

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It is easy to get distracted nowadays, especially with all the hints around us in this time of the year. The occasions to distract are so many, and it is not easy to be immune and stay focused all the time. Working in an open space does not help either: distractions are daily on the agenda, and if we lack of discipline we may lose control and get lost in our imagination and thoughts. And summer? And heat? And all the pictures of people at the seaside we see on the social media? Those do not help as well.

Technology can save us in this, and help us being sharp and smart. You should download these apps to reach the goal:

  1. Escape is an app that will help you tracking how much time you spend in non-work related smartphone activities, and then gives you with a detailed report. This will give you the chance to understand what causes distractions on your phone.
  2. One Big Thing can help you set up a routine which involves only focusing on important tasks and makes you achieve your goal in a timely manner.
  3. Forest: when you wish to focus on a certain project, you simply plant a “tree” within the application. As you work on the task, the tree will flourish and grow, but as soon as you touch the screen and stop working, the tree will die.
  4. Hocus Focus closes down the distracting applications that are not being used, freeing up your space on the phone and time.

In our increasingly connected world of smartphones, tablets, laptops and high-speed Internet, distractions are everywhere. This apps can save our productivity and time, but a deliberate and committed effort to stay on task is needed.



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