TED Talks – How can you become successful?

TED Talks – How can you become successful?

How can you become successful? That is a brilliant question, and unfortunately there is no equation to answer that. There is not one single thing you should do to reach success, but a series of things and attitudes you should have and must apply to your life. It is just a matter of understanding your own way, your own personal recipe for success. These videos are a selection of inspiring Ted Talks that can help understanding which behaviour you should have to insert success in your life path.

What if the way you learn does not define if you will do well in life? What if your success does not depend on IQ and education, but on other things? This speaker tells us that what matters in life in order to have success is not IQ, good looks, social intelligence, but grit. Grit is determination, is sticking with your future and work hard, it is never feel overwhelmed by failure.

Alain de Button, with his irony and humour, explains to us what do success and failure mean. He claims we are all anxious about our place in the world, and that is more than normal. People think they know what success means, but it is not clear to everybody that we cannot be successful at everything. This is why the concept of success is linked to loss and failure: you have to accept to fail sometimes in order to fully embrace success.

Richard St.John is clear: success isn’t one way straight, but a continuous and ongoing journey. After having reached success, people think it is over, that they arrived to the top and that is it! But falling and failing are very likely to happen when we stop improving and getting better.

The author of “Eat, Pray, Love” says that success catapults you through blinding darkness and equally blinding shining recognition. Success come when your inspiration lies where you rightfully belong. Success is when you go home, and home means where you feel you are doing what you were born for.

Success is a personal standard, reaching for the highest that is in us, becoming all that we can be. Success means determination and improvement. These videos are inspiring, but they teach us one thing: there is not only one way to get it, and it is important to understand what’s better for our own self.


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