Why should HR use Instagram to recruit talents?

Why should HR use Instagram to recruit talents?

Hook the best talents

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Instagram has 200 million monthly users. Every day it has:

60 million photos taken.
25% of Fortune 500 companies using it.
45% of Top 100 brands posting.

What does it all mean?

Well, the numbers say it already. Instagram is one of the most powerful social media nowadays. But recruiting on it can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack. On Instagram you can find, pretty much, every kind of content. Some companies are taking advantage of this social media in the best way they can, and show their brand in the most appealing way to the eyes of talents.

While companies have been using social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to recruit for some time, more recently Instagram has been gaining traction as an effective hiring tool. By telling stories that show how a company truly works and what makes it special, companies can create Brand Awareness. And when stories start focusing on what potential talents want to see and desire in an employer, it becomes Employment Branding.

Fifty percent of today’s workforce is made of Millennials, the same generation using Instagram (and social media in general) the most. Nowadays, people care more and more about whom they work for, and this means that pictures of life at a company can really make a difference in the decisions making process when you are looking for opportunities. The step between “this company just posted a picture of employees doing team building activities” and ” it seems a nice place to work” is yes narrow, but also deep and difficult to stretch.

How do companies use it?

By having transparent content, right hashtags and a nice caption.
First of all, a good bio is needed. If your company wants to engage with people and attract the best fits, you need to give the right idea by writing down what is really essential to know.
You can attract the right candidates only by telling the company real story. There is no need for poses, fake smiles. Reality and transparency is what talents want to see, and to grasp the vibe inside the company. And if you feel in doubt about posting something, then is better not too.

Salesforce uses Instagram to attract employees. They have an account for job openings, use hashtags like #dreamjob, and have a fulfilling communication with their customers, not only by sharing pictures, but also answering to every question and doubts when needed, even on direct messages. Job seekers feel already reassured when a big company makes them feel special and needed from the very first moment via pictures and videos.


Marriot Hotel is the third-largest hotel chain in the world also has a recruiting account on Instagram that’s separate from the main corporate account. The caption of this picture is: “We’re proud of our #NewOrleans associates as they join @habitatnola‘s rebuilding efforts this week to honor their city’s recovery”.  Corporate social responsibility is a big deal to candidates, that want to make a difference and an impact in the world. Instagram can prove a company does good in and out of the office. And, as previously said, now people care about whom they work for and their impact on society.


This is another example of career account on Instagram: a picture of CitiCareers, the page that gives a sneak peek on life at Citi. In this picture, it shows interns having fun on a day treasure hunts. In their account, you can have a real insights of how it is working there and what it is like life for interns. You can even see the team doing “dab”.

Instagram may not be the best tool to actively seek out talents, and even with this only purpose it should be used with another social media. But it’s a way to attract active and passive job seekers and build up employer brand. Thanks to the posts, captions, tags and hashtags, you can raise awareness among potential candidates so that when you post job opportunities, more people know your brand and are inclined to apply.
Users and job seekers on Instagram want to see original insights into a world they would otherwise have never access to.
Instagram is, maybe, not a choice for everyone. But it can really make a difference in the company image.



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