Why isn’t coworking just about working?

Why isn’t coworking just about working?

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Where we work has so much influence on us, on our well-being, happiness and mood. Where we spend 8 hours (at least of our day) is a big part of our life, and getting the best out of it is essential. Offices have such a potential to offer to their workers that it impacts productivity and success. An office is not just a space, but an entire experience.

Mindspace is a coworking space with offices in London, Tel Aviv, Herzlya, Berlin, Hamburg, Munich and Warsaw. It is not just another cool coworking space, with innovative architecture and great design. Mindspace goes beyond, into a new category of future offices that stand by itself and establishes a breakthrough into the coworking spaces landscape .

There is a reason why Meritocracy chose Mindspace as headquarter in Berlin. Actually, multiple reasons. Beside the benefits like wifi, soda fountain, coffee, tea or other utilities, it offers more than you can imagine, and gives value to the space in a very different way:

  1. The events: the mission is always to connect the greatest number of people. For its communities, Mindspace offers events like “Mindspacer 4 Mindspacer”, where innovators and original thinkers share their thoughts, skills and knowledge with other members of the community and give consultation for free. At “Open your mind” you get the chance to hear the best experts from the leading companies out there such as Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon and many more. And, also, you can get a Massage & Shiatsu, meditation, yoga as well to cool down and decompress from your working stress. Last summer also a kind of “Speeddating” has been made, where chairs-neighbors could actually get to know their coworkers better in a fast and fun way.
  2. There is also a Mindspace App, that you can use to stay in contact, share information, pick some creativity and grow with the entire community anytime and anywhere. You can also access to a wide range of services from the app as well.
  3. While working, you can also listen to a personalized Mindspace Mixtape by Trip Cool, and feel all the Tel Aviv vibe, or Berlin, or Hamburg, or anywhere there is a Mindspace office.
  4. Mindspace also organized a competition called “Poalim Hi-Tech & Mindspace JumpStartUp Competition” where Mindspace chose 6 finalists to pitch an idea and get amazing prizes, like the opportunity of pitching their startup on the G-STARTUP Tel Aviv stage in front of leading investors from Israel, China and more.
  5. Ever heard about Chief Happiness Officer? Your company does not have one? Well, here there is. And it is a fluffy one. Dogs and puppets are welcome, these are dog friendly offices. And there are also other eight dogs visiting the spaces on a regular basis. 

This is coworking space 2.0. These spaces do not have to be just about working, but about an entire experience at 360°, about synergy, finding your happy spot. There is a new way of running things, being passionate about it, and it is all about bonding, collaborating and inspiring one another.

Mindspace has the potential to show how inspiring, creative, but at the same time productive, a place like this can be, so that other offices can get inspired as well, being more creative and original. With its events, mixtapes, opportunities, working becomes about a unique experience, where the entire daily life is being subjected to a revolution.



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