TED Talks: How can you improve your skills?

TED Talks: How can you improve your skills?

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Does it happen to any of you not being able to improve in what we like? We learn, we perform.. but why are we stuck in a certain kind of stagnation? Practice does not, in fact, always make perfect. It is a matter of other factors and conditions that you need to be aware of. If you are passionate of self growth, these videos are definitely a must watch.

Eduardo Briceño tells us how to get better in the things we care about the most. It can be our roles as husband, wife, partner, relative, or in the professional field and in our job. What do people do to be very effective and to become the best in what they do? This video teaches us how to master our skills, and uses examples that go from Demosthenes to Beyoncè.

Carol Dweck teaches us the power of “yet” and how to create our path into the future. Are you not smart enough to solve a problem … or have you just not solved it yet? This use of word makes an incredible difference. “Once we know abilities are capable of such growth”, as she said, “it becomes a basic human right to live in a place that create that growth in a place filled with yet.”

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