The Jobs of the Future

The Jobs of the Future

If you’re considering switching careers or are just starting to think about where to start yours, this is the list you have to consider before any decision. 2017 is about to end, and 2018 is heading towards a path full of innovation and change in the job industry. Which jobs will be the most requested in the upcoming future?

3D Structure Engineer

What is it? As costs fall and software applications improve, 3D manufacturing becomes increasingly more popular.  3D printers are growing at an astonishing rate, and they are becoming faster too. 3D printing is an accepted change in how we manufacture, it reduces costs and create complex parts in shapes not commonly available. But there is a substantial lack of skilled technicians at the present moment: the growth in this sector will call for experienced 3D software specialists, and machine programmers that will add massive employment opportunities and engineering jobs in the next decades.

Robot Programmer

What is it? Everybody is talking about robots, which are said to “take over many jobs in the future”. But it is likely that robots will work together with human colleagues. Robot Programmers will be in demand in order to introduce programming improvements in robotic systems that are consistent with customer changes or manufacturing needs.

Algorithm Designer

What is it? Algorithm Designer is a growing career that will enable the AI-based design software to generate a smart solution that will define and improve the outcome. While algorithmic design software tools become more common and sophisticated, they won’t also substitute the requirement of software designers and developers.

Augmented & Virtual Reality Programmer

What is it? Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with the user’s environment in real time,  and it’s incredible how Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Technologies are growing: they can help safety, health, marketing, sales, and many other sectors.  The opportunities for engineering jobs and design projects in this field are currently countless.

Experience Designer

What is it? It is a profession that has to do with communication, psychology, and semiotics. Everyday we deal with may things, and go through countless experiences. If you blend the concepts of “experience” and “design”, the result is a great opportunity called Experience Designer: a designer that has the greatest chance to create an experience, and improve the way people see a company and promote it.

Company Culture Ambassador

What is it? A great company has great talents. But there is an incredible competition to hire the best talent, and this is why this profession is needed: it would be appointed of winning the best people, and make them feel in the right place, that have to entertain partners, communicate and spread the company values and mission. There are already some people doing this similar tasks, but there is no profile just focused on this, and entirely devolved to this.

Professional Triber

What is it? A freelance professional manager that specializes in putting teams together for very specific projects. This profession will not try to climb the corporate ladder, but will still be connected to the success of other teams. The brands of the future will be owned by the tribes, not the leaders. This profile is 50% manager, and 50% influencer, and is able to mix resources and people. Among social media, technology, and big data, this person can juggle among many projects and plan  new activities. 

Demographic changes and technological advancements are leading to new opportunities and professional paths. New technologies have the potential to turn upside down the way people work. Work disruption is an opportunity, as well as a challenge, and for business leaders, and workers themselves, these shifts create considerable uncertainty, alongside the potential benefits.

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