In This is what I do digital professionals tell us how they got to do what they do and their point of view on their job. Today we know Ruben Vezzoli, who tells us many interesting things about her work as an online marketing manager in Berlin.


Hi Ruben! Tell us who you are e what you are doing.

Hi guys! I’m an online marketing manager. It’s been 2 years since I moved to Berlin, and started working at Lesara, the e-commerce, fashion and lifestyle company.

What led you to become an Online Marketing Manager?

I draw near the digital world when I was 13, by chance. I understood over the years that design and development weren’t my cup of tea, and that I had to dive into marketing.  I started to nurture my passion when I was 16, and then to collaborate as a freelance consultant in some companies and agencies in my area. When I was 19, I made the big move: I turned a passion into a job.

What do you like the most about your job? And what do you like the least?

Online marketing gives you the opportunity to see the first results of your investments in few hours (of course if you are not dealing with branding), and, accordingly to that, change the strategy. Moreover, the online communication is becoming a more personalized 1-1 tool, and it allows to make marketing campaigns less boring and repetitive. The thing I like the least is that sometimes repetitive tasks happen, but luckily automatization exists.

Which unconventional advice would you give to somebody that wants to become a hip/good/cool Online Marketing Manager?

In order to become a great marketing manager you need to be curious, and give nothing for granted. Keeping yourself up to date is necessary, considering the fact that everyday there is something new coming up. Moreover, you need to watch how your competitors behave, and if they are implementing newer and more effective strategies.

Which hard and soft skills should you train to make the difference in you role?

For what concerns hard skills, you need to know the basics of economics and marketing. Even if I do believe that some technical knowledge, like programming and web analytics, are needed because it allows you to understand the platforms better.

As soft skills, I think it is fundamental to know some project management, because it often happens to manage projects that involve other people, departments and companies, that maybe work on the other side of the world.

How do you think your profession will evolve? Which skills will you need?

I do believe online and offline will be more connected, and this will be a great challenge for all the marketers. We will not speak about Online Marketing Managers, but about Marketing Managers, due to the fact that media (TV and Radio) will sell about advertisement, use Programmatic, and there will be no difference among online and offline.

For what concerns skills, I believe the capability of analyzing data will become a great and fundamental marketing manager.

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