Let’s assume you found a job abroad. Which things should you be aware of about moving to another country? Which advice would you like to receive?

1. Choose an employer that will help you relocate

Negotiate with you future employer in order to get a nice relocation package: your compensation must be up to the cost of living. You are not giving up your life for a disadvantaged situation, and you need to do what’s best for your interesst. A good employer will maybe not help you in filing bureaucratic papers, but will support you in your relocation and give you all the help you need.

2. Learn about company’s culture and their work-life balance

Before accepting a job, try to understand if you like the company’s culture and their idea of work and life balance. Different countries have different norms, and when it comes to vacation, benefits, and team building activities. It is better to know these details in advance, so you can understand if you relate to the idea or not.

3. Be aware of the challenge

When you move to another country for work, it is never easy. It is exciting at first, but afterwords new problems may arise and issues come out. So, you need to be prepared about what is going to happen, and be aware that things may go..wrong. Be conscious about the length of your assignment, ask how long your position will last, and lower the risk of surprises. You need to (try to) have everything under control. But do not freak out if things do not go as smoothly as you expected.

4. Look for other fellow expats

It does not matter where you go, for sure the city will be filled of people experiencing the same. Making friends in an other country is part of the experience, and often it makes the situation easier. Start a hobby you like, meeting other people, and exchange advice among other expats is a very successful way to feel part of the community and make the transaction easier.

5. Pack light

Do not leave with too much burden, just..do not. Even if the company that hired you abroad is willing to move all your belongings, it would be better to bring the least you could. Do you really need all that stuff? The answer is a simple no. It is way easier to rent a furnished flat, rather than bringing all your stuff from home. And it is also a way to have a new and fresh start.

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