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Game Designer



Commitment & Contract

Full-time, permanent (tempo indeterminato).


Milan, Corso Como 15. It’s fine if you prefer to work remotely sometimes. We offer substantial support for relocation, including finding an apartment in Milan and paying the rent for twelve weeks.

Compensation & Benefits

Generous, top of market, and moreover can grow very rapidly and include stock options, depending on your performance. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are paid-for, when you work from the office. You’ll receive the latest Mac, iPhone, and wireless noise-cancelling Bose headset.

At Bending Spoons, we’re aiming to build one of the best companies in the world. Already one of the top iOS app developers worldwide, we're going to expand our product line to include hyper-casual and casual games with the goal of creating the next hits. Therefore, we’re looking for someone with exceptional passion, creativity, analytical ability, and integrity to turn more great ideas into reality.

A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Use your creativity and your business sensitivity to define new hyper-casual and casual concepts (or rethink existing ones), and pitch them to the team. Be ready to be constantly challenged, by your team and by the market.
  • Balance system variables and iterate on core game mechanics to make the product’s vision come true.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the players’ needs and motivations, listen to their feedback, and react accordingly. Study competitors as well as the market at large, looking for new opportunities.
  • Know your games’ numbers inside out. Constantly analyze data, test, and iterate, with a very data-driven mindset.
  • Work with game developers and artists to ensure the game turns out to be exactly as intended.

What We Offer

  • Huge impact. You’ll experience what it’s like to design games for one of the fastest growing mobile companies in the world. Combined with our knowledge of the mobile industry, your work will have a good chance of ending up in the hands of millions of players.
  • Independence. Together with your colleagues, you’ll be free to choose a direction for a game, test, fail, and try again.
  • Top-notch team. You’ll be immersed in a concentration of talent, expertise, and team spirit you’re unlikely to find anywhere else.
  • International reach. We’ve conquered hundreds of millions of downloads for our apps, and our users come from all over the world. We’re a global reality and your work will have global exposure.

What We Look For

  • Passion for hyper-casual and casual games. You love to create fun, engaging user experiences, and spend a big part of your day researching new market trends, aiming to create the next hit.
  • Creativity. You’re inventive and find inspiration everywhere.
  • Reasoning and depth of learning. You can solve most challenging problems independently, given the necessary knowledge. You learn new concepts and skills rapidly, and look to understand stuff truly in depth.
  • Precision. You’re famously accurate and pay attention to detail, on both minor and major tasks.
  • Interpersonal skills. You love working with people and can build quality relationships with everybody.
  • Relevant experience. You’ve got at least a couple of games under your belt. You know your way around the most common game development platforms such as Unity or Unreal.
  • Rationality and self-control. You like to make decisions based on facts, and you can generally keep doing that even in moments of stress or emotion.
  • Vision. You can dream big dreams and see a path to make them come true.
  • Pragmatism. Far from being too academic or obsessive in your perfectionism, you understand that, when getting things done in a competitive world, speed is often as important as quality.
  • Drive. You’re energetic, hard-working, and persevere through adversity until the job is done, and done well. You get turned on by getting results, and always aim for excellence in what you do.
  • Curiosity and initiative. You love exploring and you’re entrepreneurial in seeking out new opportunities and testing new ideas of your own accord.
  • Communication. Your communication, both written and oral, is structured and crystal clear.
  • Humility. You’re down to earth, eager to listen to people’s constructive criticism, and ready to get your hands dirty with whatever the team needs to succeed.
  • Proficiency in English. You read, write, and speak proficiently in English.



Be part of a tribe
Be part of a tribe
Company phone and macbook
Company phone and macbook
Free lunches
Free lunches
Remote work
Remote work
Stock options based on performance
Stock options based on performance
Bottomless tea, water, orange juice and snacks
Bottomless tea, water, orange juice and snacks

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