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Vacancy opened 18-06-2019

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Commitment & Contract

Full-time or part-time (you choose), 6-month contract. A permanent (tempo indeterminato) position might be offered by the end of the period.


Milan, Corso Como 15. It’s fine if you prefer to work remotely sometimes.

Compensation & Benefits

Generous, top of market, and moreover can grow very rapidly and include stock options, depending on your performance. Breakfast, lunch, and snacks are paid-for, when you work from the office. You’ll receive the latest Mac, iPhone, and wireless noise-cancelling Bose headset.

We know our success starts with our people, and so attracting top talent is our company’s number one priority. We cherry-pick each Spooner among thousands of applicants, never compromising on our exceptionally high standards. Having extremely ambitious goals for this year, we’re looking for an eclectic recruiter who brings a balance of creativity and determination to our team.
A few examples of your responsibilities:

  • Screen applications.
  • Pore over internal and external databases scouting for passive candidates.
  • Create mass communication campaigns to reach top-talents around Europe.
  • Come up with new, high-yield channels and initiatives for our recruiting campaigns.
  • Schedule and hold interviews, making sure each candidate is offered a positive experience, no matter the outcome.

What We Offer

  • 360° approach to recruiting. You’ll follow candidates from scouting to onboarding, with the opportunity of improving every step of the recruiting process.
  • Variety. You’ll be recruiting for many different roles, from business to technical ones, continuously adjusting your strategy and communication accordingly.
  • Unique environment. We think we’re one of the most exciting and fast-growing tech companies in Europe, and you’ll be able to experience firsthand what it’s like to be one of us. Nothing about Bending Spoons is conventional, and we like it this way.
  • International reach. Our audience is wildly international, and so should be our team. Our company language is English. We’re a global reality.
  • No micromanaging. Be the owner of your effort, and take responsibility for your tasks. You’ll be given all the incentives to make a real impact.
  • Hands-on learning. Learn all our tricks and best-practices guided by more experienced Spooners, and put your new skills at use from the very beginning.

What We Look For

  • Go-getter, resilient attitude. Once you have a goal, you are impossible to stop, charging forward to make it happen at all costs. Failure doesn’t discourage you, as you stand up after a fall, and try again, undeterred.
  • Hard-working, diligent attitude. You generously spend yourself to get done what needs to be done. When you’re assigned a task, one can always count on you carrying it out timely.
  • Precision. As a recruiter, you’re going to take care of very complex tasks and manage a large database of applicants. Extreme attention to detail is necessary.
  • Preferably, passion for the field. For you to contribute greatly to our mission, you need to be passionate about your job. Ideally, you live and breathe recruiting, and find the idea of unearthing and bringing onboard hidden talent extremely exciting.
  • Ability to relate with others. You’ll have to passionately and energetically communicate our vision, and be amicable, if you’re to win over difficult candidates. Consequently, you need to be able to connect with them. If you are not an extrovert, you must be able to act as one when needed!
  • Communication. You’ll be responsible for the correspondence with candidates, and for developing copy for our career page and job listings. For this reason, your proficiency in English and Italian is high-level, both orally and in writing.
  • Humility. You’re eager to help and not at all picky on what tasks you’re asked to take on. You’re open to feedback and truly value others’ opinions.
  • Some IT and spreadsheet skills. You’re savvy enough to smoothly use Google Docs, Google Sheets, and/or Microsoft Excel.



Be part of a tribe
Be part of a tribe
Company phone and macbook
Company phone and macbook
Free lunches
Free lunches
Remote work
Remote work
Stock options based on performance
Stock options based on performance
Bottomless tea, water, orange juice and snacks
Bottomless tea, water, orange juice and snacks