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BlaBlaCar : a high growth companyA successful and innovative international start-up, backed by Accel Partners, in a rapid international growth phase, our HQ are based in Paris and we have international teams in Madrid, Milan, Warsaw, Hamburg, Moscow, London, Istanbul and New Delhi. With dedicated customer service, state of the art web and mobile platforms, and a highly engaged community of users, BlaBlaCar is making road travel fun, money-saving and more efficient. We are always recruiting talented new team members to support our rapid growth.Being part of the BlaBlaCar team means:you will have a positive social impact on the world, as we continue to make road travel smarter and more sustainableyou will work in a fast-paced environment with a highly agile team of dynamic, hyper-motivated and talented individualsyou will join a global company, with a real international culture and vision; multi-lingual and highly mobile :)


To create an entirely new, global, people powered, transport network.


BlaBlaBreak: yearly activity gathering all local team for a weekend together.
BlaBlaSwap: yearly office swap in another BlaBlaCar office of your choice
BlaBlaTime: weekly global meeting where each team presents its main focus and activities
International Weeks: each six months all local teams get together in the Paris HQ for a week
Onboarding Week in Paris HQ
Team Building Weekend

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Vacancy opened 05-03-2017
Location: Paris

Job purpose :

Why join us?

This is a unique opportunity for a passionate, experienced and ambitious creative director to help build and lead a best-in-class, in-house creative team for a fast growing, global, innovative, online business. Your leadership will directly support global company growth and strategic and brand goals, and your day-to-day work will focus on delivering measurable results against business goals.

The BlaBlaCar Brand & Design team, based in Paris and London, is one of the best in Europe, and a smart, agile in-house design process is a major contributing factor to that success. We are now looking for senior design talent to continue driving efficient global design solutions for growth.

What you will directly contribute to

Working collaboratively with the Head of Brand & Design, you will direct the creative output, from concept generation through to design completion, on a global level, for online and offline. As well as being responsible for the quality of creative deliverables across a range of global projects, you will help develop global content strategy and delivery goals.

  • Ensure brand consistency and messaging across all markets and consumer touch-points (TV, radio, online performance marketing, printed), helping to develop guidelines for BTL projects, and personally leading ATL production projects, like OOH campaigns

  • Oversee creative direction and quality control of design, copywriting and production of ongoing content projects for all channels (e.g. photo and video shoots, banners design template, social media marketing)

  • In addition to overseeing ongoing projects, you will manage multiple priority briefs (eg. content for new market launches or launch of a new channel or advertising format)

  • Identify improvements & innovations (team organisation, briefing, tools and processes, planning) to drive efficiency and effectiveness, reduce costs and/or increase speed of production

  • Manage third-party suppliers and partners to ensure brand fit, creative and operational excellence standards

  • Help recruit design talent into the global team and motivate, influence, train and develop the global creative team to constantly strive to better meet business requirements
  • Vacancy opened 03-03-2017
    Location: Paris

    Job purpose :

    Why join us?

    One of BlaBlaCar’s key strategic goals is to have smooth interaction with our members. The Interact Team at BlaBlaCar aims at building a strong and reliable Member Relationship Management framework to enhance our product marketing on all In Product and Out Product channels.

    Our obsession is to create a smart strategy in how we communicate with our members and make sure they know about the great features we propose. This means interacting with them at the right moment through the right channel, without overloading them with messages, while still creating an engaging relationship with them.

    To fulfill this ambition, you will join a dedicated agile cross-skills Interact squad, operating as a mini-startup within BlaBlaCar. The squad is comprised of great profiles with a strong entrepreneurial mindset: mobile engineer, backend engineer, frontend engineer, UX designer, product manager and data analyst. You will also belong to the larger Tech group, a talented crew of developers spread across the organization in other agile teams with whom you can share core skills and knowledge.

    What you will directly contribute to:

  • Improving awareness regarding new features and product changes;

  • Optimizing the activation and retention of our members;

  • Making local teams fully autonomous to create ad hoc and automatic campaign without any specific development;

  • Implementing a new MRM third party or internal tool;

  • Creating smart segmentation and relevant tracking;

  • Developing Real Time MRM system.

  • Vacancy opened 09-01-2017
    Location: Paris

    Job purpose :

    Why join us

    You will join a growing team of 8 amazing people. Their mission is to deliver the best data to everyone in the company. Working hand in hand with all the tech and business teams involved in the value chain of Data.

    The team has an ambitious roadmap ahead, building, scaling and running the second generation of the company's data platform. The tech stack include Spark, Hadoop, Vertica, ElasticSearch, Kafka, Nginx, Python, Java, SQL, ... to manage a wide range of data (numbers, texts in a lot of languages, but also pictures, geospatial, graphs, ...).

    You will have direct impact on technical choices and will lead the developers to produce a platform that don’t wake you up at night.

    Vacancy opened 17-03-2017
    Location: Warsaw

    Job purpose :

    Why Join Us?

    The BlaBlaCar Application has already been downloaded by more than 17 million BlaBlaCar members and mobile platforms represent more than 50% of our traffic! We are a truly mobile-first company!

    One of BlaBlaCar’s key strategic goals is to generate more activity and usage. The Growth Team at BlaBlaCar aims at leveraging all means possible (tech, product, marketing, data, design, etc.) in an agile way in order to increase our member base and to make BlaBlaCar’s service even more efficient and frequent.

    To fulfill this ambition, you will join a dedicated agile cross-skills Grow squad, operating as a mini-startup within BlaBlaCar. The squad is comprised of great profiles with a strong entrepreneurial mindset: mobile engineer, backend engineer, frontend engineer, UX designer, product manager and data scientist. You will also belong to the larger Tech group, a talented crew of developers spread across the organization in other agile teams with whom you can share core skills and knowledge.

    What you will be contribute to:

  • Optimizing key user flows (user registration, trip publication, trip booking, profile completion, etc.);
  • Creating the smoothest user experience possible as to multiply the number of successful travels with BlaBlaCar;
  • Implementing innovative features to improve the product market fit country by country, from France to Poland, from Brazil to Russia and many more to come...
  • You will have full autonomy regarding the technical back-end, collaborating with mobile engineers from other tribes to ensure sync and going into the right direction. Our technical stack is mostly based on a REST API and Oauth2. You will work on the client and server-side of the project using the latest technical solutions, such as Symfony2, ElasticSearch, Rabbitmq and Redis.

    Vacancy opened 09-01-2017
    Location: Warsaw

    Job purpose :

    Why join us?

    Marketing is at the core of our growth strategy and is one of the most important levers we use to acquire new users globally. This encompasses online and all above the line channels used to boost our growth across the globe. 

    As a Marketing Manager you will take the lead of our marketing efforts in Poland and will define and execute the marketing strategy. Your role will include defining positioning and developing messaging that is relevant and engaging for the target audiences. You will work as part of 2-persons local marketing team in order to scale marketing efforts on Polish market while ensuring cost-efficiency. You will also have impact on marketing partnerships strategy. 

    This role has the potential for massive impact on BlaBlaCar’s growth trajectory. If you have a strong analytical background, are passionate about tackling new challenges and want to work in a very fast-paced environment, we want to hear from you.

    You will report to the Country Manager Poland.

    What you will directly contribute to:

  • Defining our Marketing strategy with the Country Manager and leading long term brand development and audience strategy by driving local insights and market analysis
  • Building a detailed marketing plan based on the marketing strategic goals, including the best media mix and the right set of campaigns
  • Preparing marketing budget allocation and monitor very closely our marketing performance to ensure relevance and cost-efficiency, including both above the line and online channels
  • Leading marketing execution and impactful projects related to all our channels while balancing our efforts between high performance and impact and strategic innovation
  • Driving the local partnership strategy ensuring it matches business KPIs, making key prioritization decisions
  • Sharing learnings and best practices with other countries
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