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Senior Frontend Engineer | Milan

Front-end development
Avg. Experience
9 years, 3 months
Most common skills
Marketing (+2 )
  • PHP
  • HTML


As a Frontend Developer, you’ll get to work on products that enable millions of people around the world to the Bitcoin, and collaborate with other passionate mobile developers to bring the most delightful and useful services and apps to life. You should master web-standard languages, deeply understand the browser rendering lifecycle and master at least one of the major JS frameworks (Angular2+, Vue, React).

Conio is an engineering company. We hire people with a broad set of technical skills who are ready to tackle some of technology's greatest challenges and make an impact on millions, if not billions, of users. At Conio, engineers not only revolutionize payments, they routinely work on massive scalability of the Bitcoin network, large-scale applications and entirely new platforms for developers around the world.Please, attach to you application at least one link to a website or GitHub repository that represents your Front-end coding skills at best. It will be analyzed during the interview in order to assess your skills.


  • Design and implement new user-facing features in Conio’s websites and take solution through to launch and market.
  • Design, implement and maintain all the Conio's internal tools.
  • Build the Front-end libraries and frameworks that allows Conio to rapidly improve client-facing touchpoints.
  • Maintain the Conio design system and support designers in maintaining coherence between client-facing touchpoints.

Minimum qualifications

  • Multiple websites taken from design to market.
  • Ability to translate design specs into pixel-perfect, cross-browser layouts.
  • Mastering of at least one major Javascript framework (Angular, React, Vue) .
  • Experience with at least one major CSS framework (Bootstrap, Foundation, Bulma...).
  • Experience with Frontend build systems (GRUNT, GULP, Webpack...).
  • Comfortable with at least one major design software (Sketch, Photoshop).
  • Working proficiency and communication skills in verbal and written English.

Preferred qualifications

  • UI Design skills is a huge plus.
  • Experience in automating exports from design deliverables.
  • Willing to relocate to Milan.