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EDITED is the industry standard retail analytics software for apparel retailers around the world. 

Buyers and merchandisers at brands like Topshop, Net-a-Porter and Tommy Hilfiger use our software every day to make smarter pricing and product decisions, all based on real time data. 

The company was founded in 2009 by a fashion designer and a software engineer with the goal of bringing retail and tech experts together to build a product that would give retail professionals exactly the sort of strategic data they wanted and needed, but previously had no access to. 

 As we’ve expanded across the world, opened international offices and doubled (then re-doubled) our headcount - that shared ambition has remained an integral part of our identity. 

Today our office is a collaborative space where data scientists, fashion experts, engineers and retail analysts work side by side to build a product that uses cutting-edge data science to solve the very specific problems of a trillion-dollar industry.


We're working on solving the retail industry’s biggest problems.

At EDITED, everyone is encouraged to put ideas forward, make decisions and help improve what we do. We’re seven years old, and still a true startup in mindset, behavior and execution. There’s no clock punching, corporate rule books or superfluous hierarchy.

We want everyone on the team to love what they do every day. We believe in values over rules. 

We believe in transparency, openness, communication and context. We also believe in freedom, responsibility and ownership. Everyone on our team has the power, the chance and the right to share ideas, learn, and challenge any decision.

We want to work with people who think about work the same way we do.

Our Mission

To give retailers the power to have the right product at the right price, at the right time.

Our values

These nine behaviors and values are the ones we especially value: judgement, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty and selflessness. 


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Meet the Team

Job Opportunities

Designer / Developer ( Hybrid )

Vacancy opened 31-01-2017
Location: London

Job purpose :

EDITED is a retail data company that’s helping the world’s best apparel businesses have the right product, at the right price, at the right time. We’re a fast growing startup, headquartered in London, with offices in New York and Melbourne. Our customers, like Gap, Topshop and Abercrombie & Fitch use our industry-changing software to understand what’s happening in their market. We provide buyers and merchandisers - the most important commercial people in the business - with a beautiful and easy to use analytics platform, to make critical data-driven decisions, every day.

The Team

At EDITED, you’ll be part of our Product and Data team, working closely with other software developers and data scientists, retail specialists and designers to create data-driven solutions to our customers' problems. We've got huge scope to innovate and we always welcome fresh perspectives. You'll be able to make a big impact, and learn a huge amount during your time at EDITED.

We use the best tools, and offer a great environment. One of our founders is an engineer and is committed to making EDITED an amazing place for developers to work. As a rule, we operate as peers among equals. We’re given the freedom and trust to solve big problems, and collaborate on bringing about the best solutions. Getting sh*t done together, and having a good time, are the cornerstones of what it means to work at EDITED.

We bring in the best candidates to meet our existing team and get to know them before making a hiring decision together.

The Job

You will have an influence over design, code, information architecture and product, and the way it's expressed through our fat-client (javascript) application, as well as on our marketing site and other supporting web applications. Fundamentally, you'll be responsible for expressing your vision together with our vision into working products.

You will:

  • work closely with the product and data teams, to help them express data and build great interfaces and products.
  • pair with, or work closely with other engineers to share knowledge and work collaboratively on how the products and platform work within the infrastructure.
  • be an opinion leader within the engineering team, and we'll look to you to set the tone for how we design interfaces.
  • want to learn and develop yourself as an engineer and a designer.
  • be a pragmatic, collaborative, and empathetic to the people who will use your work.
  • be a great developer in your own right.
  • have amazing taste, and the skills to realise what you envisage.
  • But you won't:

  • work in an environment where we dictate your process
  • be micromanaged or work to briefs, or ever "throw work over the wall" for signoff
  • ever settle for average quality
  • Requirements


  • Experience, history, and a portfolio of work you've done before.
  • Strong experience with CSS and HTML.
  • JavaScript skills to the level where you're comfortable explaining the difference between == and ===.
  • A good understanding and experience of developing good UX, typography, colour and grid systems.
  • Experience in templates in a high-level web framework environment (such as Django or Rails).
  • A thorough understanding of the Internet, including technologies, standards and best practices in interaction and design.
  • A thirst for knowledge.
  • Extensive experience designing for the web.
  • Software development experience to degree level, or an appropriate degree.
  • A collaborative, friendly approach, good manners, a constructive viewpoint, and a team player.
  • Bonus points:

  • You're familiar with Backbone and Underscore, or Angular, or Ember, or some other JS frameworks.
  • Information architecture experience.
  • Python, Ruby, Go or other modern languages.
  • Experience with DRCS tools such as Git or Mercurial.
  • Experience with unit testing and automated testing tools.
  • Content-distribution networks (Cloudflare, Akamai, etc).
  • Business Development Manager

    Vacancy opened 31-01-2017
    Location: London

    Job purpose :

    We’re looking for a sales professional with five or more years’ worth of experience in B2B SaaS sales. Ideally someone who has closed deals with tier one retailers and understands what it’s like to work in a fast-growing startup environment.

    As a Business Development Manager at EDITED we’ll expect you to build and maintain relationships with our customers, develop new opportunities and see those opportunities through to the end; either as part of team or on your own, depending on the situation.

    We build and sell an industry leading product in a trillion dollar industry; perform well and you’ll be rewarded very, very well. However it’ll take ambition, self-motivation and a work ethic that’s equal parts collaborative and independent -- so those are the words that people use when they describe you, we’d love to chat.

  • Articulate and understand the value of EDITED to world-leading brands and retailers.
  • Build professional relationships that become commercial relationships.
  • Negotiate and close new deals regularly.
  • Use your initiative and entrepreneurship to reach your market and develop your pipeline.
  • Understand our customers’ roles and pain points thoroughly enough to suggest meaningful solutions.
  • Become an accredited expert on the EDITED software and the retail industry in general (if you aren’t already).
  • Successfully negotiate contracts with clients, working closely with both our own and our customers’ sales management, finance and legal teams.
  • Forecast your sales pipeline effectively and remain accountable to your team and the rest of the organisation.
  • Follow sales processes, and use sales tools to suggest and share improvements.
  • Helpful:
  • You are interested in the fashion and retail industry.
  • Retail Strategist / Customer Success

    Vacancy opened 31-01-2017
    Location: London

    Job purpose :

    You'll be a true product expert, understand all features & methodology, and the use cases for a diverse set of users. You will be one of the best people in the company at using and demoing our product. You'll speak to our customers every day, and your intrinsic understanding of apparel retail means you can build and deliver best-in-class training to our high profile retail clients. If you’re not an expert on EDITED already, don’t worry, because we’ll make you one!

    You will be a strong product advocate, and support each of our individual users to become as proficient in using the EDITED app as you are. You will also be a strong customer advocate - feeding back their views about the product to the relevant teams and helping to shape the development of our software. We expect you to be passionate about our customers, and be as excited about helping them to get the most value out of our product, as we are.

    Our expectations for your position:
  • You’re fanatical about supporting customers, take responsibility for them using and understanding the product, and have a personal connection to them.
  • You can be a strong advocate for our products, and understand existing processes within retailers and brands.
  • You have exceptional verbal and written communication skills and you are able to communicate across time zones and all types of people in all sorts of roles.
  • You are tech savvy and able to communicate feedback and feature requests back to the product teams at EDITED.
  • You are organized and meticulous about documenting processes.
  • You’re able to articulate positioning, use cases and benefits.
  • You are numerate, and data literate, and know how to identify trends in client usage and use these trends to build and deliver training to increase product adoption.
  • You will build and deliver best in class training to our clients by understanding their job roles, client success measures, and adult learning best practices.
  • You will build documentation and materials to support the on-boarding programs you create.
  • You are able to identify client warning signs (both in-person, and via usage data) and communicate it with the Customer Success Manager.
  • Requirements:
  • Either a minimum of 1+ year working in the head office at a retailer or brand, or training/account management experience.
  • An interest or background in fashion or retailing.
  • Proven success in growing existing accounts and relationships.
  • Technical competence and enthusiasm (understanding of SaaS software or technology).
  • Excellent written, communication and presentation skills.
  • Loves being on a team.
  • Independent – to take initiative and own processes.
  • Highly organized. Tenacity to finish projects. 
  • Vacancy opened 18-07-2017
    Location: San Francisco

    Job purpose :

    About us:

    EDITED is the retail industry standard for getting pricing, assortment and product right. We’ve got offices in San Francisco, New York and London, and growing rapidly.

    About the role:
    As a product marketer, you will be involved in the overall product journey from naming products, positioning, and ultimately building a strategy and executing on delivering the product to market. You will work across different teams such as engineering, product, data, sales, customer success and communications to help apparel retailers shine brighter by using EDITED.

    About you:

    You are analytical, visionary, and an experienced communicator.  You’re passionate about telling stories about product, just as you are excited about seeing how technologies change and shape the way retailers do business.

    You have direct experience in product marketing and understand how to position technology products.


  • Strategy and execution on upcoming product and feature launches.
  • Positioning, messaging and delivering compelling stories related to our products and feature set.
  • Work with customer success team on educating EDITED customers about product benefits using specific use cases.
  • Work with sales team to help with sales enablement and focus on driving demand, adoption and overall success of new products.
  • Requirements:

  • A minimum of 3+ years working in product marketing.
  • Experience in marketing SaaS products and technology.
  • An interest or background in fashion or retailing.
  • Excellent technical aptitude, enthusiasm and understanding of complex software products (for example, Google Analytics, Excel, Tableau, etc).
  • Great team player with proven success in connecting various teams across organizations.
  • Excellent written, communication and presentation skills.
  • Independent – to take initiative and own processes.
  • Highly organized. Tenacity to finish projects.
  • Vacancy opened 10-02-2017
    Location: San Francisco

    Job purpose :

    EDITED is secretly used by the world's best and most famous retailers to help get their product and pricing right.  We can't talk about many of our customers, but some you would have heard of are Ralph Lauren, Joe Fresh and Topshop.

    In this job, you'll get to help the world’s biggest retailers solve their biggest problems. We’ve got an impressive set of customers across the world, but not every retailer is using EDITED yet.  So, you need to be business minded, understand how their business works, and how to integrate EDITED into their everyday. You'll also be responsible for introducing, explaining and demonstrating our product.  You’ll speak to CEO and other exec-suite people, as well as heads of departments from notable brands and retailers.

    It's an opportunity to make a difference in some big organizations and a huge industry. You’ll learn everything there is to know about the most important parts of retailing and fashion brands and how to drive business growth, which is the start of a great career. Plus, we provide you with lots of training and ongoing support.


  • Prospect, create and qualify new customers
  • Evaluate the challenges retailers and brands face
  • Be an EDITED champion and educate prospective customers on our product
  • Requirements

    Usually, you’re looking for your first job, or you’re a couple of years out of university. But that's not a necessity so long as this is your passion.

    You are:

  • Someone who loves problem solving.
  • People person. 
  • The person that gets things done.
  • A super fast learner.
  • Someone who likes to win.
  • Articulate.
  • Considered and confident. You have gravitas when you present.
  • Essential skills:

  • You're great at writing, and people pay attention when you speak.
  • A real reader, you love business books and keeping up-to-date with blogs.
  • You're a great researcher, an expert on Google, and love digging up information.
  • You are persistent, patient, don't get discouraged, and when you meet or speak to difficult people you can brush it off and get back on your A-game.
  • Helpful:

  • You're passionate about retail, or fashion, or both!
  • You love business.
  • You're interested in innovative technologies.