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Vacancy opened 07-05-2019

Machine Learning
Software development



We're an affective computing company focused on human data analytics, with offices in Downtown Boston, MA and Milan, Italy.

Our mission is to provide intelligent technology that is friendly, caring and more human.We design and develop medical-quality wearable devices aimed to improve people's emotional well-being and save lives. Embrace2, our hero product, is the only wrist-worn seizure monitor cleared by the FDA, designed to help prevent SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy).

We believe in a work environment that fosters autonomy, mastery and purpose. We are a team of passionate people from all over the world bringing high levels of creativity to our everyday work.

Watch the recent TEDx talk delivered by our Co-Founder and Chief Scientist Rosalind Picard to learn more about the history of Empatica and what drives our commitment to great work: [****] new team player

We develop sensors to understand human behavior in real time and in real life, focused on chronic neurological diseases. Empatica has provided the first beautifully designed, affordable and medical-grade wearable that uses advanced machine learning analytics to detect and alert seizures in real-time with Embrace for people living with Epilepsy. Embrace is linked to the wearer’s mobile device with a Bluetooth Low Energy connection. Our Alert App sends a notification to designated caregivers when a seizure has been detected, indicating the GPS location to expedite assistance.

The Mate App, which works in conjunction with Alert, allows for the tracking and maintenance of an interactive seizure history as well as an insight into the daily physical and sleep activity of the Embrace wearer. We are working towards offering a more predictive dimension to increase the life saving potential of our technology.

Empatica has also designed and builds the E4 wristband as a wearable research device used by the world's best research institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Some of our past clients have been Nasa, MIT, Harvard and Microsoft, among hundreds of institutions. The E4 offers real-time physiological data acquisition through unobtrusive monitoring and software for in-depth analysis and visualization. Our clients have the opportunity to work with us to develop customized apps by using our mobile SDK and have access to raw data via our web portal.

As a Mobile Developer you will be:

  • Capable of being Empatica's Lead Developer and scaling the current Empatica mobile applications
  • Take ownership of projects whilst being a positive role model, thought partner, collaborator and mentor to your iOS/Android mobile team
  • A highly productive, opinionated programmer with great product sense who can actively participate in product decisions.
  • Able to learn, adapt and be comfortable with continually changing technology and improve our product to create the best possible user experience.
  • Write clean, efficient, well-tested code that has quality, organization and automation
  • Identify, leverage, and successfully evangelize opportunities to improve engineering productivity
  • You love building products that help thousands of customers day to day and help save lives

Why work at Empatica

At Empatica you will have the opportunity to work in a fast paced environment where your impact will be recognizable from day one. You will face new challenges daily and you will learn, develop and grow on all levels to literally change the lives of thousands of people.


The ideal candidate for this position:

  • Accepts and understands the challenges of working with a technology that can impact (and hopefully save) the lives of people.
  • Has experience with native iOS or Android application development and objective-C/Swift or Java/Kotlin.
  • Excels in writing modular, easy to understand code that follows good design patterns.
  • Has experience in collaborating on software projects.
  • Has solid knowledge of software development, especially in an agile environment.
  • Is experienced in developing, releasing, and maintaining native iOS/Android applications (point us to your work in the Apple App Store / Google Play Store).
  • Is passionate about great UX and focuses on strong user-centric and responsive development
  • Is experienced in developing testing suites, namely Appium, for iOS/Android applications
  • Is proficient in English (mother tongue is highly appreciated)

The Ideal Candidate For Empatica:

  • Is a reliable and an effective worker; working in a fast growing startup is not for everyone.
  • Is creative, fun, and easy to work with.
  • Is self-motivated, can excel in both unsupervised solo projects and in tight teamwork.
  • Is passionate about our products and our mission, driven by the customers’ needs.
  • Has a growth mindset and learns quickly.
  • Is a critical thinker and always questions dogma, status quo, and the conventional way of doing things.


  • Competitive salary
  • The position is based at our Milan HQ. We also have an office in Boston, plus an amazing beach summer office in Sardinia, Italy!
  • Friendly and passionate colleagues
  • Free healthy lunch – yes, being in Italy, it's something you should care about!
  • Organic Fresh Fruits
  • MacBook Pro
  • Gym membership
  • Massages every week
  • Free cookies, if you deserve them
  • Much more...

Empatica is an affective computing company, focused on human data analytics. We develop groundbreaking wearable devices with medical quality sensing. Our technology is comprised of a set; wristband and software running on smartphone and desktop computing, plus real time syncing with a cloud computing service.



A Unique & Extraordinary Team
A Unique & Extraordinary Team
Competitive Salary
Competitive Salary
Free Lunch & Cookies!
Free Lunch & Cookies!
Gym Membership
Gym Membership
Personal Development Support
Personal Development Support
Summer Office in Sardinia
Summer Office in Sardinia

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