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Leaf Space S.r.l.



Founded in 2014, Leaf Space is an innovative company, aiming at becoming a point of reference in the constantly growing market of small satellites. It is based on an audacious dream, which eventually became true, thanks to the extraordinary motivation of its young founders, Jonata Puglia, Giovanni Pandolfi and Michele Messina. During its activity, Leaf Space received the help of several major sponsors and it is now a successful business. The astonishing success of this small business is established by the several awards gained, such as Horizon 2020, the biggest EU Research and Innovation programme ever. Read more


We want to streamline the accessibility to Space by designing and developing dedicated services and products in order to enhance the process of using space in commercial terms over the scientific and exploratory ones already gained.  

Our Mission

With the aim of granting the completeness of the service, we are currently developing our main product, named Leaf Line. It is a network of ground stations, equipped with state of the art of RF devices, completely automated and remotely controlled. Our simplified telecommunication service will support several satellites at the same time with great orbits coverage, high visibility time and hence high amount of downloaded data.

Our values

We’re passionate about Space and research, courage, resourcefulness, constancy are our values. 

We offer great and unique advantages in terms of simplicity, compatibility, performance and price.


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Meet the Team

Job Opportunities

Vacancy opened 08-11-2019
Location: Lomazzo

Job purpose :
Society: Leaf Space is a young company working in the telecommunication field. Our team think, design, test and install a network of antennas (Ground Stations) in order to make microsats data’s access faster and cheaper.

Leaf Space’s team has a lot of space, electronics, IT and telecommunications engineers next to sales team, administration, HR and the management of course.

Experience: mandatory previous experience (at least 3 years) in administration and accounting in companies or accounting firms.

Knowledge or experience in controlling.

Reports: directly reporting to the CEO, close collaboration with the CFO.

Responsibilities: this role is in charge of all the accounting activities and administration duties as:

• Active and passive invoicing, EU and Extra EU;

• Payments reminders

• Relation with the external accounting firm;

• Home banking payment;

• Financial planning;

• Call’s reporting.

The resource will carry out tasks with a strong operational component, flexibility and a spirit of collaboration are requiredIT tools: the figure must be autonomous with the main IT tools, Office package and be familiar with one or more accounting management software.

Languages: many written and oral communications will be conducted in English, a good knowledge of the language is required for this.

Level and qualification: commensurate with the candidate's experience. 

We offer a full-time maternity replacement contract with initial support and the possibility of subsequent inclusion.

Workplace: the company has its operational headquarters at the tech hub ComoNext in Via Cavour 2 in Lomazzo (CO). 

Sometimes it will be necessary to work closely with the company accounting firm, who is based in Via Leopardi 7 in Milan.