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Film Maker

Avg. Experience
14 years, 8 months
Most common skills
Project Management (+2 )
  • Digital Marketing
  • Marketing


Meritocracy is building and enlarging its own network of professional Film Makers: Through the last year we become one of the most influential Employer Branding Agency and we're totally motivated in getting better and always offer a better service to the client we are collaborating

We are connecting the creatives to our clients in order to best fit their communication needs and desires.

Meritocracy is a platform where Jobseekers can explore from the insight their dream Companies and our Photographers will be responsible for portraying Companies and their daily life in their own geographical area.

Meritocracy is currently allowing more than 200k jobseekers explore 400+ of the most interesting Companies in Europe and grew extensively along the last two years.

Every Professional will report directly to Meritocracy’s Visual Director and will be in charge for Video Production inside the Company. Freelance projects are expected to occur multiple times per year. Flexibility, strong communication skills, and the ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously in a deadline-driven environment are needed.

Relevant experience in story telling will be a preferential requirement and a portfolio with your most relevant works is needed to complete the application. 



Company macbook
Company macbook
Flexible Hours
Flexible Hours
Ticket restaurant
Ticket restaurant

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