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Software Engineer - DevOps/SRE


At Moneyfarm we use technology to make saving and investing for the future accessible to everyone in a simple and transparent way. We build software that augments and optimises our in-house financial advisory expertise to offer our customers the best use of their money. We are building a software development practice where every engineer is trusted with autonomy in their role to responsibly and continuously deliver quality software whilst maintaining a high pace of innovation. You will be supported by a friendly and creative environment free from ownership handovers, gatekeepers or bureaucracy, that pushes you towards mastery in your craft.Role- You are primarily a software engineer that happens to have specialised on DevOps and platform engineering. - You are comfortable being either a driver or enabler, not a gatekeeper.- You have a fascination for failures. Troubleshooting is a joy. You have an unrelenting will to automate and improve systems until they can be forgotten, naturally using your method, differential diagnosis skills and intuition for storage, compute, latency, throughput and pricing quantities.- You are team-oriented: you foster an ever greater mutual understanding of development and operations. You seek to partner with product development squads to shift-left reliability concerns into the SDLC. - You are hungry to automate toil away for the year whilst capping time spent. With the remainder of your time, you seek to engineer for stability and operability. - You have an intrinsic thirst for knowledge. You learn from your endeavours and enjoy breaking. - You easily explain operational and non-functional concerns to anyone. You see in a mistake a learning opportunity. - You are able to communicate the technical vision in a clear way, and correctly translate tech choices and their consequences into more understandable terms. - You will make mistakes. We'll pick you up. You will learn from them. You'll laugh a lot.Responsibilities- Availability, Reliability and Observability across all platforms and tooling in all environments.- Upkeep and Continuous Improvement of Container Orchestration, Continuous Delivery, Monitoring & Alerting, Incident Management, Secrets and Identity management.- Support application development in their integration with infrastructure. Promote an efficient use of infrastructure and cost awareness.- Foster improved DevOps capabilities across the organisation by removing silos and partnering with development squads for better application reliability. Engineer durably on a daily basis. Carry out operations safely, securely and in an auditable way, automating away toil for the year.- Anticipate and embrace failure by engineering for scalability and auto-remediation.- Ensure and continuously improve the fitness of our product platform and development tooling.- Business continuity and disaster recovery preparedness.- Understand the evolving Value Stream Map and keep the delivery pipeline in good health. Work in an ops-minded way.- Keep abreast of technological developments in the industry and their relevance to the company. Openly and continuously share your knowledge.Job qualificationsBasic Qualifications- 5+ years as Software Engineer with strong DevOps experience (one of Go, Python, Scala, or Javascript)- Proficiency in Cloud computing platforms at scale through Infrastructure as Code, covering Identity, Compute, Storage, Network, Security, Cost, Performance- Production experience building for Observability including monitoring and logging, and tracing - Production experience working with Container runtimesProduction experience running Container orchestration platforms- Production experience delivering Change Management solutions through Continuous Integration, Delivery, Deployment.Preferred Qualifications - Startup and Scale-up experience working within agile teams - Production experience automating the value stream at scale with a shift-left focus - Experience writing CLI tooling and bots to improve the developer workflow at scale - Production experience autoscaling at infrastructure and microservices levels according on (in)organic demands - Production experience working with API Gateways or Service Meshes - Production experience managing configuration and secrets in a Continuous Delivery value stream - Working to core SRE principles including Engineering vs Toil, SL(I,O,A), and Error Budgets.