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MW.FEP S.p.A. and MetaSystem S.p.A. belong to Meta System Group, and represent a set of Italian companies operating over forty years in the electronics industry, constantly focusing on technological innovation. MW.FEP S.p.A. is a complete and reliable partner which strives to support customer for all needs in electronic manufacturing services. Quality, Production Capacity, High Flexibility, Reliability and Best Cost of the Process. These are the strengths of MW.FEP S.p.A. a leading Italian company in the Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS). Strong financial investments have secured state-of-the-art structures and technologically advanced productive equipment for MW.FEP S.p.A.. Continuous product and service innovation is a guarantee of quality at competitive prices and can secure real added value for the customer.


"An organization’s ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage."

Jack Welch

Our Mission

MW.FEP offers complete and reliable subcontracting solutions for the production of electronic boards and assemblies: from product engineering through high-standard, efficient production to delivery and after-sales support.

 Its specialised facilities enable it to respond to small, medium and high volume production requirements and to offer a flexibility and customization capacity aimed at establishing a long-term partnership with the client. 


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Candidatura Spontanea

Vacancy opened 23-12-2016
Location: San Giovanni in Persiceto

Job purpose :

Siamo sempre interessati a conoscere persone talentuose e appassionate  che vogliano unirsi al nostro team.