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Powersoft S.p.a.

Scandicci (FI)


Powersoft S.p.A. is a global technology leader in energy-efficient and high-power compact amplifiers for the pro-audio industry. The Group's business is mainly based on innovative audio systems with high efficiency and quality that are offered to a clientele at a domestic and international level. Over the years, the Group has obtained numerous patents and has received several awards that have rewarded the technological solutions used in its products. Read more

Why Join Powersoft S.p.a.


We are a pioneer, knowledgeable and inspiring company constantly focusing on technological innovation, simplification and environmental conservation. We are moved by passion and curiosity for developing and research and we consistently strive to give customers more than they expect.

Our Mission

We want to provide our customers with the highest technology experience. We want to do that with excellent products, which are able to make a significant contribution in the professional audio market and in our customers’ technological culture.

Our values

We are an ethically-grounded, trustworthy and respectful builder of long-term relationships. We are a welcoming and ambitious team-oriented company where each person can demonstrate their full potential through their work. We believe in deep collaboration, which allows us to find out new points of view.

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