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Sailogy is the leading boat charter agency in Europe. Our goal is providing customers with a reliable, fast and complete booking solution for chartered recreational sail boats. Through the experienced job of its professional Sail Hunters, Sailogy finds and evaluates harbour facilities and ship owners, ranking charter companies for quality, reliability and comfort. Sailogy's platform provides immediate access to more than 20,000 yachts of different types in 2,000 handpicked destinations. Read more


  • We believe boating is amazing and everybody can enjoy quality-time on a boat  
  • We believe in working hard and vacationing harder; Sailogy aims to guarantee the  most amazing experience to its customers. On and off the boats  
  • We believe people should be well informed before they book a service, and we will stand for information to be transferred transparently and quickly to them  
  • We believe in top-quality human contact, warm consulting and personal touch  
  • We believe quality boats and quality partners deserve quality customers  
  • We believe in technology, automation, AI, data and digitalisation 
  • Our Mission

    To Make Boating Accessible to Everybody

    Our values

    1. AMBITION: you believe exponential progess is possible and are excited about it, you are thrilled by challenges and you look for opportunities!
    2. JUDGMENT: you make wise decisions despite ambiguity - you smartly separate what must be done well now and what later!
    3. COMMUNICATION: you listen well, you are concise and effectively build consensus - you treat people with respect and mantain a calm poise!
    4. IMPACT: you deliver and perform so colleagues can rely upon you - you focus - you exhibit bias-to-action and avoid analisys-paralysis!
    5. CURIOSITY: you challenge prevailing assumptions to discover pratical solutions - you are a quick learner understanding Sailogy environment! 
    6. SELFLESSNESS: you are ego-less and help colleagues giving your max effort on implementing each project to have the best of Sailogy!
    7. SHINE: you are approachable, open and inviting with your colleagues to make the office a happy place to work!
    8. PASSION: you go extra-mile looking for the excellence - you are a self-starter person, tenacious and pursue the final goal!
    9. LEADERSHIP: you train and coach your colleagues, take ownership of solving the issue and motivate others, you interact with every managerial level!


    Coffe Break Area
    Coffe Break Area
    International Environment
    International Environment
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    Sailling Week Experience

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