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Marketing & Content Specialist - Internship

Avg. Experience
2 years, 9 months
Most common skills
Digital Marketing (+2 )
  • Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing


Are you looking for an opportunity to make a strong mark in a fast-growing start-up? Are you zealous to learn about e-commerce and how to catapult brands’ performance in e-marketplaces? Are you interested in executing the e-commerce/digital strategy of top multinational clients and delivering strong results?

If you answered yes, then you have found the right company and role. At Witailer, you will learn everything about e-commerce and the recipe for success on e-marketplace platforms through focus on content quality, marketing, promotions and customer experience. We have an exciting opportunity to join our team as a Marketing & Content Specialist (Intern). In this role you will plan, execute and optimize digital marketing and communication campaigns to help improve our clients’ and their brands/products’ search ranking, discoverability, click through and conversion rate with the end goal of maximizing revenue while optimizing ROI of investments. You will contribute to delivering important objectives, monitoring results and providing recommendations and strategies to exceed client expectations.

Witailer’s mission is to help brands succeed in the complex e-marketplace ecosystem, offering end-to-end solutions. We serve our clients as consultants and as partners in the implementation of operational strategies. We are professionals with international view, passion for technology and entrepreneurial attitude.

The internship leads to a full-time permanent offer and provides competitive compensation. You will work in a friendly and collaborative work environment where your opinion counts and you will have the possibility of being directly coached by a team of experienced managers coming from top international FMCG, Consulting and E-commerce companies.

Job Requirements:  

• Excellent communication skills (Italian and English)

• High IT Literacy proven use of web and associated technologies (Excel, Power Point, Google apps)

• Passionate for technology start-ups and e-commerce

• Bachelor’s degree preferred