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BlaBlaCar è una società in forte crescita e di successo internazionale, una start up innovativa, sostenuta da Accel Partners, in una rapida fase di crescita. Leggi di più


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BlaBlaBreak: meeting con tutti i tutti i team locali per un fine settimana insieme. BlaBlaBreak:...
BlaBlaParty BlaBlaParty
BlaBlaSwap: cambio annuale di ufficio in un altro ufficio BlaBlaCar a vostra scelta BlaBlaSwap: ...
BlaBlaTime: meeting settimanale globale in cui ogni team presenta il suo obiettivo principale e l'attività  BlaBlaTime: ...
Colazione Colazione
Vacanze Vacanze
Settimana internazionale: ogni sei mesi tutti i gruppi locali si ritrovono nel quartier generale di Parigi per una settimana Settimana in...
Settimana di on boarding nel quartier generale di Parigi Settimana di...
Team Building Week End Team Buildin...
BlaBlaCar is optimizing its service for small cities and has a new visual identity

When you reach BlaBlaCar’s scale, you need to find customers who are hard to reach — literally. The French company announced an effort to optimize its ride-sharing for long-distance rides for people w...

3 anni fa
BlaBlaCar expands its BlaBlaLines service to Paris area

BlaBlaCar is currently trying to reinvent itself. And it starts with BlaBlaLines, a new ride-sharing service for daily commutes. The company first tested out the new service around Reims and Toulouse....

3 anni fa
Google Maps suggests BlaBlaCar for long-distance rides

Google Maps on Android and iOS now has a new transportation option. If you live in a country where French startup BlaBlaCar operates, you can now open the BlaBlaCar app and book a ride straight from G...

3 anni fa
BlaBlaCar unveils BlaBlaLines, a new app for daily commutes

French startup BlaBlaCar is launching a brand new app and service today. Named BlaBlaLines, this new app is all about short distance carpooling and daily commutes so that you can leave your car at hom...

4 anni fa
How BlaBlaCar faced growing pains and had to change its focus

And just like other big tech companies, BlaBlaCar recently faced some challenges and had to define a new strategy for the coming years. In a surprisingly candid interview, BlaBlaCar co-founder and CEO...

4 anni fa