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Anno di fondazione




La nostra storia

Jobrapido è il motore di ricerca di lavoro leader a livello mondiale. Azienda all’avanguardia, Jobrapido sta delineando una nuova modalità nell’online recruitment, per rivoluzionare il modo in cui le persone trovano lavoro. Jobrapido analizza e aggrega le offerte di lavoro sul web, per fare in modo che i candidati possano trovare i lavori in linea con le proprie aspettative. Grazie a una tecnologia pionieristica e a prodotti innovativi, Jobrapido mette in relazione le aziende con i migliori candidati e potenziali lavoratori. Fondato nel 2006, Jobrapido conta ora oltre 20 milioni di lavori pubblicati ogni mese, 35 milioni di unique user mensili e oltre 70 milioni di utenti registrati. Dal suo headquarter a Milano, Jobrapido è presente in 58 Paesi, e aiuta chi cerca lavoro a candidarsi per un ruolo in linea con le proprie aspettative, e chi offre lavoro a trovare il candidato adatto al ruolo. Da aprile del 2014, Jobrapido fa parte di Symphony Technology Group (STG).

La nostra visione

Rivoluzionare il modo in cui le persone ottengono un nuovo posto di lavoro


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Opportunità di lavoro

Data apertura: 20-10-2017
Località: Milano

Descrizione :

We are looking for a Big Data Engineer that will work on the collecting, storing, processing, and analysing of huge sets of data. The primary focus will be on choosing optimal solutions to use for these purposes, then maintaining, implementing, and monitoring them. You will also be responsible for integrating them with the architecture used across the company.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Implementing ETL process 
  • Maintaining and evolving a lambda architecture 
  • Monitoring performance and advising any necessary infrastructure changes 
  • Continuous learn and use of ground-breaking technologies 
  • Apply advanced troubleshooting techniques 
  • Work as a part of a Scrum team 
  • Time cocktail

  • 1/3 working on our coming BigData/Data-Lake cloud based architecture 
  • 1/3 writing map-reduce and Spark jobs as well as ETL jobs 
  • 1/3 share knowledge with peers and leaders 
  • Skills

  • [Advanced] Coding skill with Java and/or Scala and/or Python, R is a plus 
  • [Advanced] Hadoop ecosystem knowledge 
  • [Standard] Proficient understanding of distributed computing principles 
  • [Standard] Experience with building stream-processing systems, using solutions such as Spark-Streaming or Apache Beam 
  • [Standard] Good knowledge of Big Data querying tools, such as Pig, Hive, and Impala 
  • [Standard] Knowledge of various ETL techniques and frameworks, such as Flume 
  • [Standard] Clouds knowledge (GCP & AWS) [Experience with BigQuery / Dataflow is a real plus] 
  • [Standard] Containers knowledge (Docker) 
  • [Standard] Distributed computing environments knowledge 
  • [Standard] Good understanding of Lambda Architecture, along with its advantages and drawbacks 
  • Spoken languages and education

  • [Mandatory] English, working proficient 
  • [Big plus] Italian 
  • Education and experience

  • BS in Computer Science or Engineering or equivalent professional experience 
  • 2-5 years working experience in similar roles
  • Product Manager

    Data apertura: 19-09-2017
    Località: Milano

    Descrizione :
    We are looking for a Product Manager who translates business needs into technical specifications, which lead product development. The incumbent, working in team with JR Developers, specifies new features and user interfaces, based on the analysis of users’ behaviours and other business metrics.

    The Product Manager defines the plan to implement new features, coordinates related projects, manages relationships with suppliers in order to achieve project goals defined on roadmap. The incumbent is required to review/test any completed feature, to check the quality of the product and the features’ effectiveness, to suggest improvement by taking into account the potential impact of them on all the departments involved, and by pondering pros and cons and the business impacts of what proposed.


    As Product Manager you will be responsible to:

    • Ensure the product consistency across all Jobrapido departments

    • Care about product development and product performances

    • Satisfy business and technical needs

    • Ensure cross-team effective communication

    Required Skills and Experience

    We are looking for someone who has:

    - Significant working experience as product Manager in tech companies;

    - Deep knowledge of Agile/Scrum/Kanban methodology;

    - Good Analytical reasoning and Data-Driven skills;

    - Knowledge of Office Suite, Html, CSS, Google Analytics;

    - knowledge of JIRA is a plus;

    Proficiency in English: English is the company’s reference language for internal communications, product design and documentation.

    Behavioural Competencies

    - great communication skills: being able to communicate complex information clearly to many different audiences;

    -problem solving: use be Inductive reasoning to face and solve complex situations;

    -Motivation – to roll up sleeves and get stuck in; not to wait for people to hand things on a plate;

    -Organizational skills stay organized at all imes, to keep strategic, high-level information handy at all times, as well as up-to-date information about features and other product details:

    - Accuracy: have great attention to details, both business and tech

    Data apertura: 20-10-2017
    Località: Milano

    Descrizione :

    We are looking for a DATA SCIENTIST to strengthen our Analytics Team.

    In the role you will be responsible to turn hard data into useful insights and compelling stories, to create new ways of figuring out customer behaviors and website optimizations. You will develop models using advanced analytics techniques across propensity and next best action, use structured information to build data visualizations and explain business insight.

    Key Responsibilities

  • Supporting Business with DAD (Discover/Access/Distil) activities: 
  • Discover: search, scout, find, identify the sources of good data, and related metrics

    Access: collect data from multiple sources (SQL / API, a web crawler, CSV, etc.)

    Distil: extract value from data, supporting Business decision making.

    Use advanced analytics techniques to create new ways of figuring out customer behaviors

  • Being the Owner of different analytics platforms to ensure correct implementation and that the data being collected is captured correctly across all digital properties 
  • Reporting and analysis of optimization tools that include A/B or multivariate testing to drive fundamental improvements to the site experience 
  • Appling expertise in quantitative analysis, data mining, and the presentation of data to see beyond the numbers and understand how users interact with our websites and apps 
  • Working with data analysis, business intelligence, and market research - develop deeper insights across all customer interactions 
  • Working with other teams in the business to integrate web analytics into larger data warehouses in order to deliver richer insights and a 360-degree view of the customer 
  • Combining theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience in statistical techniques and machine learning algorithms 
  • Required Skills and Experience

    Good knowledge of the following:

  • Data cleaning – clean large data set from missing values and outlier 
  • Data analysis – Aggregate different data set to unify dimensions of analysis and create KPIs 
  • Statistical analysis – Apply statistical model to identify data trends and prove validity of the model 
  • Algorithm Development – basic knowledge of scripting and software programming 
  • Data mining – apply complex algorithm technique to identify patterns 
  • Excellent Analysing & Interpreting- ability to find the best solution using data understanding and managing statistical complexity 
  • Goal oriented- ability to deliver results meeting customer expectations 
  • Continuous learning- motivated to increase his/her knowledge through a constant process of learning and researching 
  • Tenacity - capability to persist in looking for the right solution 
  • Adaptability - ability to modulate approach and communication according to the audience 
  • Bachelor Degree in Mathematics, Statistics, Engineering and at least 2 years of experience in similar roles are minimum requirements. 
  • So if you like coding and complex challenges this is the right job for you!

    Perchè lavorare in Jobrapido

    Lavorare in Jobrapido è un’esperienza incredibile perché ti pone quotidianamente nuove sfide. Le qualità che una persona deve avere per lavorare in Jobrapido sono la perspicacia e la flessibilità per essere in grado di lavorare in un ambiente e in un mercato del lavoro altamente competitivo e dinamico, dove i cambiamenti sono all’ordine del giorno e a questi cambiamenti occorre adattarsi il più velocemente possibile per restare - appunto - competitivi. Lavorando in Jobrapido hai la possibilità di sperimentare e mettere alla prova le proprie idee, di prenderti dei rischi perché sono questi rischi che possono rendere l’azienda migliore a quanto lo sia ora. Inoltre prendersi dei rischi e mettersi alla prova è divertente!