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Anno di fondazione




La nostra storia

Il brand Moleskine è stato creato nel 1997, riportando in vita il leggendario taccuino usato dai più grandi artisti e intellettuali degli ultimi due secoli: Vincent van Gogh, Pablo Picasso, Ernest Hemingway e Bruce Chatwin.

La nostra visione

"Siamo un'azienda in crescita. La nostra missione è far crescere il business Moleskine al massimo delle sue potenzialità, aumentando la visibilità del brand, ampliando la sua presenza globale e introducendo prodotti e servizi rilevanti per i consumatori. Ci impegniamo a rispettare e promuovere i valori rappresentati dal brand Moleskine: il talento, l'esplorazione, l'autenticità." Arrigo Berni, amministratore delegato

I nostri valori

Talent, Exploration, Authenticity.


Orari flessibili
Orari flessibili

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Opportunità di lavoro

Merchandising Manager – Bags Category

Data apertura: 04-10-2017
Località: Milano

Descrizione :

For our HQ in Milan we are looking for a Merchandising Manager, who will report directly to the Product Marketing Director, in order to define and implement the strategy for the Bags category.  


Main Responsibilities

  • Monitor of global and local trends market and competitor analysis through research trips and store checks alongside with designers and Sales team; 
  • Implement a monitoring system to analyze available sales data (sell_in / sell_out), by areas/customer and channels; 
  • Define and implement the merchandising plan and strategy of the Bags category, based on the Company guidelines; 
  • Develop the collection briefings in accordance with Marketing & Communication and R&D departments, defining lines, models, materials, price points and target costs; 
  • Coordinate sales campaign globally and analyze the variance forecast vs ordered; 
  • Prepare sales forecasts, monitor sales volumes, revenues and costs against forecast, adapt plans to improve sales performance of the product 
  • Maintain a close and constant relationship with Sales Team and commercial input sharing; 
  • Present the collection and merchandising strategy during sales convention to sales force and agents; 
  • Collaborate in the definition and implementation of main trade fairs (Pitti Uomo, Premium, ..) 

  •  Skill Requirements

  • 5+ years of experience (merchandising and/or buying) in the role; 
  • Deep Bags & Small Leather Goods market knowledge (experience with Far East production and timeline is a plus); 
  • Economics or Marketing degree; 
  • Strong analytical mindset; 
  • Strong negotiation skills; 
  • Fluent in English; 
  • Excellent team working and communication skills; 
  • Ability to manage multiple projects; 
  • Willing to travel up to 25% of time. 

  • Data apertura: 17-11-2017
    Località: Londra

    Descrizione :

    In order to strengthen our Retail Staff in the London area, we are looking for 4 Shop Assistant.

    If you are a Brand Lover and passionate about the Retail World, check out our Requirements and apply now!

    Main Responsibilities

    • Assisting customer to find the products they are looking for;

    • Being responsible for processing cash and card payments balancing cash registers with receipts;

    • Answering queries from customers;

    • Be involved in stock control and management;

    • Reporting discrepancies and problems to the Store Manager;

    • Keeping the store tidy and clean;

    • Working within established guidelines of the Company;

    • Assist in processing and replenishing merchandise and monitoring floor stock;

    • Maintain visual merchandising guidelines set by Moleskine.

    Skill Requirements

    • Demonstrate best techniques for selling and maintaining clientele;

    • Must be open-minded, friendly, organized, dynamic and passionate about the brand and its products:

    • Work well as a team, as well as work alone;

    • Open availability to work a flexible schedule including evenings and weekends;

    • Adheres to company policy;

    • Adheres to brand image;

    • Strong communication skills and Point-of-Sale systems;

    • Have a strong sense of responsibility and strong interpersonal skills;

    • Be energetic and have a positive attitude;

    • Be an open-minded and multicultural and ability to learn quickly;

    • Takes initiative and goals oriented;

    • Fluent in English.

    Data apertura: 07-11-2017
    Località: New York

    Descrizione :
    Distribution and Compliance Specialist

    Department: Operations

    Reports to: Operations Director America

    Executive summary

    The Distribution and Compliance Specialist will be part of the Operations team in Moleskine America and will be responsible for:

     Managing inventory for the American main distribution center, especially for key clients from the US and Canadian market

     Monitoring order receipt, planning and executing inventory allocations, planning and executing special handling activities and monitoring order fulfillment in cooperation with distribution partner

     Managing customer setup, compliance and relationship in cooperation with distribution partner

     Managing other setup activities with distribution partner

    The aim of the role is to act as a liaison between the Moleskine America office (Operations, Sales and Merchandising teams) and the distribution partner, with the goal of maximizing revenues, local supply chain efficiency and service level for the customer.

    Main activities

    Inventory management and allocation

     Monitors inventory levels at the warehouse making sure that they are adequate to cover demand from the market

     Plans inventory allocations for US and Canadian key clients based on forecasts and open orders, guaranteeing maximum order fulfillment and avoiding chargebacks; properly executes allocations working with distribution partner

     Monitors incoming shipments from overseas (Far East and Europe), pre-allocates inventory in order to guarantee stock coverage for key clients and properly execute the pre-allocation in cooperation with the distribution partner

    Order monitoring, allocation, special handling planning and fulfillment

     Monitors open orders portfolio, making sure that they are in line with sales forecasts

     Works with distribution partner to make sure that inventory is adequately allocated among customers in case of inventory shortages

     Minimizes the risk of chargebacks: works with customers/brokers in adjusting orders, works with distribution partner in optimizing the allocation of inventory among orders

     Monitors launch-related activities for new items: analyzes order vs. inventory before actual launch execution and proper allocates of inventory in case of shortages

     Works with distribution partner to guarantee that fulfillment of orders is executed according to customer’s requirements and timelines

     Plans and execute special handling activities or value added services with distribution partner

     Plans and timely executes special projects, pre-launches or chain rollouts in cooperation with distribution partner

     Works with sales on day by day tasks, notifies them about order or inventory issues.

    Customer management and compliance

     Makes assessment of new customers; analyzes routing, packing and logistic guidelines with distribution partner; works with sales and distribution partner at the definition of terms, incoterms and allowances and execution of the setup of new customers

     Has access to key clients online portals for setup activities, forecasts and orders, monitors supply chain KPIs with the goal of better managing the vendor-client relationship

     Works with sales on new customers, aligning, planning and coordinating the execution of new projects and plans with new customers.

    Setup activities

     Manages new item setup and launches: collects details pertaining new items to be launched from marketing team and submits them to distributor for setup; defines launch timeline based on the new item delivery from overseas

     Manages product assortments setup: works with sales and merchandising teams to define assortments details, defines special handling requirements and executes setup with distribution partner

    Required qualifications

     3-5 years of experience

     Bachelor’s in Engineering, Economics or Statistics degree

     Other skills: this position requires high precision, strong analytical skills, great focus and determination in driving a timely and correct execution of tasks and projects; capability to work under compelling deadlines; capability to design new processes or adjust existing ones

     Advanced working knowledge of Excel and in general Microsoft Office is required; knowledge of SAP or other ERP systems and SQL based systems is required: knowledge of SO99+ or other integrated planning system is a plus

    Data apertura: 02-11-2017
    Località: New York

    Descrizione :
    Department: Operations

    Reports to: Operations Director America

    Executive summary

    The Demand Planner is responsible for:

     Driving the cross-channel demand planning activities for Moleskine America, including statistical analysis, volume sales forecasting and daily analysis of the order portfolio and sales trend

     Working with local Sales Managers and Marketing to get insights on the market and commercial actions in order to represent the most accurate sales projection, in accordance with local availability, lead times and other supply chain constraints

     Working with local and overseas planning teams to develop the best product allocation to achieve inventory coverage targets.

    The aim of the role is :

     Creating an accurate demand forecast incorporating current and reliable inputs from the market, allowing the company to correctly predict customer demand and projected revenues and allowing the supply chain to adjust according to it

     Facilitating the information flow between Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance and top Management, leading to effective knowledge sharing and an optimal consensus forecast to better guide the company.

    Main activities

     Develops volume sales forecasts at multiple levels of aggregation (by SKU and product category), for multiple time horizons and multiple channels (wholesale, B2B, retail and e-commerce) such as reviews historical sales trends, researches demand drivers, prepares forecast data, Executes statistical modeling software, Reviews statistical forecasts and Analyze Applies error analysis techniques to improve forecasting

     Coordinates cross-functional research activities to refine the forecast model to reflect updated sales and marketing assumptions

     Interacts with sales and marketing to understand demand forecast drivers

     Analyzes variances of the sales forecasting Vs. company goals

     Implements collaborative and cross-functional approach by working with Sales Managers, Marketing and Finance

     Works as a liaison between local sales and the global operations team:

     Analyzes whether forecasts are consistent with product availability, production lead times and other supply chain constraints

     Works with overseas planning teams to drive the replenishment of product and guarantees that the inventory coverage targets at the local warehouses are met

     Works with the local distribution team to implement the best product allocation to sustain the demand from the market for every channel.

    Required qualifications

     3-5 years of experience

     Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Economics or Statistics

     Other technical skills: Proficiency in statistics, forecasting methods and sales/inventory analysis; understanding of the financial impacts on the P&L of the company and operational impacts on the supply chain

     Other skills required: high precision, strong analytical and presentation skills; capability to work under deadlines; great focus and determination in driving a timely and accurate execution of analyses; capability to design new processes or adjust existing ones

     IT skills: Advanced working knowledge of Excel, Microsoft Office and demand planning software (SO99+ is preferred); knowledge of SAP and SQL based systems is preferred

    Data apertura: 23-10-2017
    Località: Milano

    Descrizione :
    For our HQ in Milan, we are looking for a R&D Specialist that will strengthen our Bags & Small Leather goods Unit providing all technical development activities for the product development reporting to the Coordinator of the Division and supporting the team to the achievement of the goals in terms of quality, timing and costing.

    Main Responsibilities:

  • Support all activities of the B2B projects; 
  • Support all product development activities for a global customer base;  
  • Research and analyze latest new trends, identifying new sources, materials and supplier;  
  • Oversee entire product development & production process for handbags and small leather goods from initial design concept through to bulk production; 
  • Be responsible of timing, costs and quality to respect the margin defined; 
  • Ensure all proper testing requirements are completed and approved for final sample product; 
  • Maintain positive and professional relationships with suppliers and internal partners in an effective manner. 
  • Skills Requirement:

  • 3+ years of relevant experience in production, sourcing, and product development in Bags and SLG; 
  • Expertise in product development in bags and cost managing; 
  • Strong organizational and communication skills; 
  • Open-minded and problem solving attitude; 
  • Fluent in English; knowledge of Chinese language is a plus; 
  • Ability to use Adobe Suite is preferred.