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Openjobmetis SpA



Openjobmetis SpA is a Temporary Agency, a private company authorized to operate by the Ministry of Labor, which helps people find employment or re-enter the labor market.

We are among the first players in the market and we are the only ones to be listed on the Italian Stock Exchange!

We started doing it in 2000 and every day we continue to research, select and administer (which then means hiring and sending people into business clients!) many people. Read more

Why Join Openjobmetis SpA


If there is one thing that we like to always emphasize in the presentations of our way of understanding the work is that we have always wanted to consider ourselves as partners alongside companies. The definition of suppliers has always been close to us, because helping a company to choose the best talents to run its business means starting to collaborate on a fundamental aspect, for which we need a partner, not a supplier.

To succeed in this we focus on specialization, a goal that we aim to pursue with a view to open innovation to ensure that technology is able to support our processes effectively, quickly but always "human feeling". Read more

Our Mission

It is not true that the world of work is changing: it is true that the world of work changes every day! Work is a changing social factor, which can only be grasped by attending it continuously and with a view to effectiveness, performance, streamlining: we do not like paper. We like to know that we have played a role in the smile of those who rely on us to find a job or to ensure the best talent in circulation!

Our values

Ours is a story that is based on an entrepreneurial logic: we are people who work hard, looking for solutions to problems with creativity even when they seem insurmountable. We are used to doing and not to let us assist. This is the logic we would like to see in the contemporary world of work, where "active" policies can be primary compared to a philosophy of subsidiarity.

We are a heterogeneous group, because we operate specialists in assorted fields. Read more


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