Technology embracing humanity.

We start from one simple requirement: to offer both candidates and companies the best place to find the right match. We’ve come up with a technology that helps candidates cherry-pick the most suitable openings for them to develop their talent, while allowing companies to screen applicants faster and better. Not bad.

Technology 1

Resumes in 4D.

Work enriches people, helping them to develop new skills and open up new opportunities for personal and professional growth. Work pushes us to better understand ourselves and overcome our limits. That's why, when young talent signs up to Meritocracy, we start by analysing a huge amount of data, scrutinizing their learning curves, skill acquisition dynamics and productivity trends. This allows us to offer companies a comprehensive evaluation of each individual's potential, and provide candidates with calculated recommendations on how to advance their careers.

Technology 2

Match Point!

Every day we ask companies to describe the profiles of the people they need – the people they'd be prepared to invest in. We model all these data by overlapping individual pieces of information, each containing a specific requirement, giving us a complete picture of the ideal candidate. We study her behaviour and potential interests to track her down online, wherever she is, to match our client's needs.

Technology 3

Nobody's Perfect.

Nobody's perfect, neither are we. That's why we want to learn from professional recruiters. We use machine learning technology to leverage knowledge of recruiters' preferences and embed them into our model, keeping our search tools up-to-date around the clock. Meritocracy studies at night, to serve both companies and candidates with a better product in the morning.