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  • Riccardo DoveConviene

    “Thank to Meritocracy I could expand my knowledge of Doveconviene, finding a young company able to offer a stimulant environment and excellent career opportunities. Assisted by Meritocracy, I soon got an interview and now I'm part of this great reality!”


  • Federico Tetra Pak

    “I've come across Meritocracy almost randomly and I've discovered a new jobseeking experience: easy, friendly and candidate-centric, allowing me to establish a tighter relationship between with the Employers. In other words, you don't feel ignored anymore and your job application doesn't get lost in the crowd!”


  • Alessandro -

    “The experience I had with Meritocracy was excellent from the very first moment! Meritocracy offers: video, photos, benefits, all information that tell the real story of a company! I received my first positive feedback after few hours and thanks to this platform I had my first job interview!”


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