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Golang: Why you should learn GO in 2021
by Meritocracy tech

Golang is a relatively young but popular programming language. According to a Stack Overflow survey, Golang took third place in the ranking of programming languages that developers would like to...

Node JS: Package Management with NPM, Package.Json, and Package-Lock.Json Files
by Meritocracy tech

  Node JS (Node) is server-side JavaScript (JS). It has light-weight and performs well. Node is designed to excel in web applications where there are a large number of requests that don’t perfor...

AWS: Backup Options for Your EC2 Instance
by Meritocracy tech

AWS: Backup Options for Your EC2 Instance Introduction Today cloud services are very popular, because you can rent a server in the cloud and pay only for the resources you consume. Amazon Web Se...

Google Api in JavaScript
by Meritocracy tech

Google Maps API in JavaScript Google maps are very important for web apps. They can help your web visitors get directions to your business. Google maps can also help you work with location-accur...

Laravel: Creating Restful API for Your Website
by Meritocracy tech

Introduction Today a lot of websites use front-end JavaScript frameworks like React.js or Vue.js,which require the backend to have some Restful API. Restful API is needed for mobileapps, which c...

Object classification in TensorFlow
by Meritocracy tech

Project setup Before we get started with any project, it is a good idea to create a virtual environment to isolate project-specific libraries from the global environment. Python virtual environm...

Laravel: Using Pagination, Sorting and Filtering with Your Tables
by Meritocracy tech

Introduction. In Laravel, when you create websites displaying some data, you almost always need to display tables of results (e.g. Products, Categories, etc). The problem with displaying these t...

Laravel: Database Management with Eloquent ORM
by Meritocracy tech

Introduction In Laravel, we have several ways to work with a database. One of them is using raw SQL queries and commands via the query builder. The other way is using Eloquent ORM. Eloquent ORM ...

How to Scrape Amazon Reviews with Scrapy
by Meritocracy tech

  Introduction to Scrapy Scrapy is a powerful Python-based web crawling framework that helps a developer to define how one or more websites can be scrapped. Scrappy uses crawlers called Spiders,...

7 New JavaScript ES6+ Array Methods Every Developer Should Know
by Meritocracy tech

  ECMAScript 6, also called ES6 or ECMAScript 2015, is a specification standard that introduced some new exciting features to the JavaScript programming language intended to make your code more ...

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