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Since the early '90ies we have contributed to widespread the concepts of Value creation in Italy.  After many years of experiences with FTSE MIB Companies on the "financial side" of the concepts of Value Creation we have started a new journey to integrate some of the most relevant aspects to create long term value in one comprehensive framework designed coherently with the needs of the top managements.


Companies have a lot of data and information; These are typically created (and hopefully fully used) mostly at a functional level; We observe that the top management of majority of the companies fail to use all the data and knowledge that their people and structures have and this because information are not properly collected and organized to facilitate the decisional process. But solutions that create value have to be crosswise to match the needs of Customers, Employees and Shareholders and, at the same time, easily handled by top managers, within coherent managerial frameworks. Read more

Our Mission

Active Value Advisors is a management consulting firm that “manufactures tailor-made textile”, built on top management needs, using data and analytics in a different and integrated manner.

Our fabric is obtained thanks to a warp formed by our core functional competencies and a plot that is realized thanks to the use of up-to-date Business Intelligence and Predictive Analytics tools;

Thanks to this unique approach that blends know-how with quick implementations, the economic returns of our interventions are faster and higher.


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