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At Onfido, we’re opening up online access on a global scale. 

Whether it’s sharing a car or opening a bank account, many of our everyday services are moving online. That means millions of everyday interactions now happen digitally – without people ever meeting face-to-face. Our mission is to help more people access those services by building trust between businesses and their users - a more open world, where identity is the key to access. 

Today, we work with global customers to help them verify users, investors, drivers and guests across 195 countries and we're backed by Salesforce and Microsoft. Read more


Build the trust engine to power human interactions worldwide.

Our values

When defining our company values, we started with the principles which already lay at Onfido’s core — the lived behaviours that make our culture so strong.

During a team workshop, we decided that words alone were not enough! So we have used a powerful combination of animal and colour imagery (both universal, cross-cultural symbols — important for an international team) to typify the core values you see below.


In-house Training Programmes & Learning Activities
In-house Training Programmes & Learning Activities
Regular Social Events
Regular Social Events
Yoga Sessions,  Football Matches and Running Club
Yoga Sessions, Football Matches and Running Club

Company growth

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