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We create customised employer-branding videos that share insightful employees stories and help attract the best candidates 

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Types of Videos

Meet the employee

Q&A session with a company brand ambassador (e.g. Product Manager). Their individual and unique professional story will be explored; daily tasks tackled, growth, lessons learned, key aspects of their job, advice to others, etc.

Meet the team

A single video that sheds light on the inner-workings of a team within your company (e.g. the Engineering Team). Typically involves 3 - 4 actors and each have a chance to shine!

Meet the company

A general video with many actors taking part that focuses on company values and aims to illuminate the true energy and culture behind your company. This video provides a 360° view of the Employer Brand.

Our Photography

We create high quality images that capture the real atmosphere 

within your offices and highlight your fantastic team.

Office and Team Life Photoshooting

Real life moments that are happening within the company
that showcase office-culture, teamwork and creativity!

Employees Portraits

Single or Group portraits to introduce the brilliant minds behind the business unit or the specific team(s).

Our Career Pages

We can design and develop custom career pages. 

They collect all the vital information needed to empower 

your brand whilst our internal Media Team 

can create supplemental visual content like, photos and videos.

Career Page Features

Gabriele Silva - VF - Senior EMEA Talent Acquisition Manager

"Meritocracy is our digital right arm. A flexible and agile partner which support us from sourcing to employer branding. They allow us to reach for new talents on niche and social media which we simply can’t reach with our “day-by-day” tools.But more importantly, they have been the perfect partner to co-develop digital solutions (career sites, contents, campaigns etc.) which allowed us to have a stronger digital footprint engaging retail and “headquarter” talent alike."

Kanika Chauhan - N26 - Manager Tech Recruiting

"Meritocracy has a very interesting approach when it comes to attracting talent - the campaigning on one side and advertising on the other, and it helps customise our talent search based on the role. We have been able to use both approached successfully. The Account Management is amazing as they are very interactive and helpful."

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