4 ways your passion for music will rock your job interview!

4 ways your passion for music will rock your job interview!

Many twenty-something have spent their childhood and teen age surrounded by the music of some of the artists that have marked the evolution of music taste for the generation-to-come and they have developed a passion for this art. Either playing an instrument or merely being passionate about a particular genre comes in hand during job interviews to build a common starting ground of conversation with the interviewer. Here are some tips to exploit your passion for music to make the recruiter understand some fundamental traits of your character.

Team Player: if you have ever played an instrument you understand how it is important to “play for the team”! Even if you were the first guitar and you were used to play 5 minutes of guitar lick, you still had to follow the overall rhythm the rest of the time and if you dared a virtuosity during the track, you could be out of the band. In music, the band cohesion is more important than the individual skill! Anyhow, if you never have played any instrument but your friends had a band and you were there for their every live performance, rehearsal and improvisation, you still can prove you are a team player: all the time you spent helping your friends to set the stage matters, after all!

Creativity: it is well known that musicians highly develop the right part of the brain, which is dedicated to creativity! From the sole music to lyrics, from the virtuosity to the harmonization, every part of a track is the result of a creative process!

And if you don’t play an instrument? Turn your creativity pro into Attention to Detail: you don’t know how to play an instrument but you notice and appreciate all the details of a song? Talk about the wah-wah effect of John Frusciante for Californication and explain how you developed the taste for minutiae!

Determination: this trait can be explained by both musicians and passionate. For a musician, the perseverance in trying and rehearsal for memorizing the track and each chord, spurs into determination. While, for music passionate the time spent hearing again and again the same track, the passion for knowledge about a particular artist or band and all the information you gained during the years, will explain by themselves the determination and perseverance you put into your passion!

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