Month: June 2017

Digital HR Companies and digital learning

Companies and digital learning

A Deloitte report from 2016 shows that one of the most important source of competitive advantage for a company is their corporate learning strategy. Companies are currently developing innovative types of learning platforms, and their new aim is to drive employees towards the road of self-driven learning. Technology is advancing, and digital and mobile are conquering …

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Tech The redesign of Meritocracy

The redesign of Meritocracy

In the last month, we sent online a new version of Meritocracy called v3.5. There are multiple reasons why we did this, among which: Old design Very bad speed performance Not mobile optimized Poor UX Terrible file organization   Now and before Files tree After our designers sent us the new templates and a lot of meetings, …

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Digital HR Offices in the digital era

Offices in the digital era

In order to deal with the change of a business world that is moving faster and faster towards the direction of a more global and mobile culture, companies need to take a more strategic approach to design and organize their workplaces. The office design can determine the productivity of a team. Every inch, every corner can make a …

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Career Change How to prepare for a job interview

How to prepare for a job interview

A job interview it is not just about that one hour meeting, but also about the “homeworks” you should be doing at home before that. Being prepared gives you the best chances to go and make a great first impression and succeed in your goals. There you are all the steps to hack a job interview:   BEFORE …

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Digital HR A brave new (mobile-first) world

A brave new (mobile-first) world

The mobile-first world is an increasing reality, and the most common point of interaction for what concerns communication and information in the companies. The definition mobile-first world refers to the fact that mobile devices now became the extension of our body, and they can be used by HR in order to improve satisfaction within the companies, but also …

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Tips & Hints Ted Talks to hack a job interview

Ted Talks to hack a job interview

Feeling nervous about a job interview is totally normal. Interviews are crucial, and in those moments we feel like our life depends on that. These Ted Talks teach how to show confidence, even if at first you do not have any, following the principle that voice and body can boost our confidence, and give the right first impression …

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HR Metrics The future of performance review

The future of performance review

In most organizations, performance evaluations take the form of a regular process that recurs every year, documenting progress on goals and achievements. Traditional evaluation systems, meant as the analysis of an employee’s work, success and failures, at a fixed point in time, may hinder competitiveness, obstruct the natural work cycle, and cause more problems than they can actually solve. As …

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Tech Build ultra-speed autocomplete with Go and jQuery [Part 2]

Build ultra-speed autocomplete with Go and jQuery [Part 2]

In the first part we saw how to create the “backend” side with Go, now we need to write the “frontend” part with jQuery: we’ll use jQuery UI Autocomplete. 1. The basic In our HTML document we need to include jQuery and then jQuery UI with a bit of style. After jQuery UI, we put …

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