Meritocracy is now part of Openjobmetis

Meritocracy is now part of Openjobmetis

We are now happy to announce that Meritocracy is now part of Openjobmetis Spa, the leading Italian employment agency listed on Borsa Italiana MTA


Starting from today, Meritocracy will become part of Openjobmetis Spa.

The deal is part of a collaboration that Openjobmetis started 2 years ago with Mind the Bridge, a global organization based in Silicon Valley providing Innovation advisory for corporates and startups. Mind the Bridge supported Openjobmetis to structure a new unit named “Open Innovation” with the goal of fostering innovation inside the company and find new opportunities with startups.
Meritocracy was first scouted on 2016 by Alberto Onetti, during the first Innovation Boot Camp and the interactions continued till present and let up to this deal with Openjobmetis.

The deal is a win-win for both sides: it allows Openjobmetis to embed and develop technology in the current search and selection business of the company while it empowers Meritocracy to develop its presence in the EU market, striving to become the main point of reference for digital Professionals.

Meritocracy thanks to important partners such as United Ventures, Rancilio Cube and several private investors, has successfully supported more than 10.000 candidates in fulfilling their job aspirations: the company is currently aiming to grow in Germany its second market.

Meritocracy co-founder Riccardo Galli Thanks to our Team and the support of our partners like United Ventures, Rancilio Cube and several private investors from the digital ecosystem,10.000+ candidates found a new job through Meritocracy. The acquisition by Openjobmetis is a starting point: we will develop EU market and foster R&D, supported by a Group that proved to be a leading voice on the Italian Market, willing to disrupt traditional business models in the HR sector”

Screen Shot 2018-06-05 at 22.02.27.png(Meritocracy team with Openjobmetis CEO, Rosario Rasizza)

Rosario Rasizza, Openjobmetis CEO, said “The acquisition of Meritocracy is part of our strategic growth in the digital transformation, started with the creation of our Open Innovation, thanks to our partner Mind the Bridge, and continued with the launch of Shakejob and the acquisition of Badaplus app. Meritocracy certainly represents an important opportunity for the growth of our present and future business, since it will allow us to further specialize in the selection process. We registered a growing demand for qualified personnel in the digital professions and we want to be ready to manage this transition, a goal which will be helped by this acquisition. But we also want to look further with the support of Mind the Bridge, to continue  identifying new vectors of innovation and diversification”.

About Meritocracy
Meritocracy was founded in 2014 by Riccardo Galli and Alberto Manassero: its mission is to offer young Professionals a place to find jobs of tomorrow. Meritocracy enables candidates to get relevant employers’ insights through relevant contents (pictures, video interviews) and uses technology to pinpoint the best job opportunities to fulfill their potential.

About Openjobmetis
Openjobmetis SpA is a private employment agency created in 2011 through the merger of Openjob SpA and Metis SpA, which have pooled together the know-how and unique expertise that has distinguished them for over 17 years. Since December 2015, Openjobmetis is the first and only private employment agency listed on the Italian Stock Exchange, in the STAR segment and is one of the leading Italian operators in its field, with revenues of approximately €584 million in the year ended 31 December 2017. Openjobmetis SpA relies on a network of over 130 branches distributed throughout Italy, specialising in the following areas: Healthcare, Industrial, Banking&Finance, Mass Retailing, ICT, Hotel and Catering, Family Care, Agro-Industrial, Diversity Talent and Naval. The range of services is completed by the subsidiary Seltis Srl, which focuses on the recruitment and selection of middle/top-level executives. In December 2015, CRIBIS D&B awarded the CRIBIS D&B Rating 1 to Openjobmetis, recognising the company at the highest level of economic and financial reliability, in 2017 and 2018 it further upgraded the rating, awarding it the title of CRIBIS Prime Company, which bears witness to the high level of creditworthiness and economic and financial solidity.

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