Meritocracy Believers ’14

Meritocracy Believers ’14

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We are very proud to launch the first Meritocracy Believers program. Among the companies we were lucky enough to cooperate with, or share ideas with, we chose the ones the impressed us the most. We considered the attention that recruiters of those companies allocated to every single application, their ability to go beyond labels in resumes and to think outside the box when choosing the people to work with.

We are giving to these companies (and to the ones that will be invited to join in the next months) the chance to publish on our website their job-posts for free. We did it essentially for two reasons:

1) we are building the next generation of technology that understands people strengths and weaknesses from recruiters’ recurring behavior, and Believers Program will work as an “initial benchmark” for us, telling us which choices are to be taken in profound consideration and which don’t.

2) We have been job-seekers ourselves, and guys we tell you that having something like us that pre-select great companies to work in, and give you the chance of applying one click to all them, receiving even professional feedback, is a great source of value.

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If you think about a company, it is simply a set of people, and the people you hire today are exactly your company tomorrow. That’s why we decided to try to learn something from recruiters that really stroke us in these months. Some of them belong to established corporates with thousands of employees, some of them aren’t event professional recruiters but people who make hiring decision because their Company is growing so fast, some of them are professional recruiters that are currently building their own HR department. The one thing that make them unique is the profound beliefs that people’s talent matter to them, and it’s not that common.

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If you are a job-seeker, or a person who simply considers more option for her future, just go on, choose a company and register. You may then apply to every other company belonging to the program in 2 clicks. Recruiters will receive your profile and have the chance to send you professional detailed feedback on your application(s). Just as a reminder Meritocracy is built to avoid the exclusion of any person from a selection. It simply takes into consideration the whole set of personal and professional experiences to show recruiters before applicants that more correspond to their expressed preferences and past behavior. This has some beautiful consequences: we will be soon able to advise whoever is searching for a job, or striving to get the job they like, exactly where to apply, what to do and how to get there, simply basing on information that we get implicitly or explicitly from recruiters.

The program will be opened up until December 2014: our mission during this time is maintaining the level of participating companies terrific, increase the quality of feedback that will be exerted towards candidates and study hard, without preconceptions, recruiters behavior, to provide a better and better service to everybody.


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