5 Best Companies to work for in Europe in 2017

5 Best Companies to work for in Europe in 2017

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From day one, EDITED has been working to solve the problems of the entire fashion retail industry, an industry worth over three trillion dollars worldwide. Today the company is the leading provider of real-time data for apparel retailers worldwide with offices in London, New York and San Francisco.

It’s a place where you’ll work alongside world-leading teams of developers, data scientists and fashion professionals to develop cutting edge tools that will help thousands of retail professionals around the world do their jobs better. The impact you’ll make at EDITED is real and immediate.

There’s an independent, “say what you mean” spirit that runs through everything at EDITED. As the Operations Manager Michaela Bartlam says, “those who succeed here are generally self-motivated who can get things done without too much guidance or oversight. We like people who can find new opportunities and bring them to us, not the other way around.”

The team is intensely passionate about its goals and that energy is plainly infectious. It’s a young, fast-paced environment where there’s always something to learn and share.

Tech and fashion, this place was built for you.

In 2017, EDITED will keep building and growing a world class service to support retail. It’s an amazing company to be a part of, so make sure you check out the vacancies here below!




In Hype everything is still yet to be written. As a result, working in such an environment is very challenging! This is a group of very ambitious professionals with a simple yet revolutionary goal: make people deal with money in an easier way.

Each and every single person working in Hype has a true passion and understanding of entrepreneurial finance; therefore, each of them at work strives to contribute to Hype’s mission through create thinking, shaping today and tomorrow’s financial system. Graduates and young professionals are given the opportunity to make an impact straight, taking ownership of projects within the very first month.

The social and cultural component in Hype is very strong. They have a nursey school on which employees may rely. As Doris Messina – Fintech and New Business Officer – says “for us it is very important that those who work in Hype give their best at work every day, making experience and learning contantly”.

The company also has a corporate portal welfare that employees can use as when want. This is exactly the working environment in which people can grow professionally and make a difference! Here employees are motivated and feel valued when they’re given positive reinforcement and shown how their work contributes to the success of the business.

2017 will be a very important year in which Hype will try to penetrate and expand in the market. In a very competitive landscape, Hype will have to battle other Fintech companies. Therefore, to reach their goals and they need people with a can-do mindset, which are able to work under pressure and that can set their standards high. Does this sound like your ideal work environment? Check out then their vacancies on Meritocracy.




From its office in Milan, Bending Spoons creates and markets mobile apps with millions of users all over the world, and has the ambitious goal of becoming the #1 mobile developer globally by assembling a diversified, top-quality portfolio of products.

With a team of 32 and an average age of 28, Spooners spend their days developing technologies and apps that meet strict quality criteria, churning numbers to better understand users and marketing channels, and letting off some steam in all-consuming fussball matches.

We talked with one of the co-founders, Luca Ferrari, to have backstage information on what makes Bending Spoons a place employees enjoy and care about. With a culture based on transparency and ownership, it all starts with finding the right people, a pursuit in which the company invests disproportionately for its size.

Talent is essential to make it through the selection process, but it’s eagerness to learn and passion that will give you a shot at joining this fast-growing company trying to transform how people work based on a few simple principles: excellence should be pursued at all costs, trust and freedom should be the default, and workplaces that are friendly and tribe-like are more fun than cold and professional ones.

With top-of-the-market salaries and amazing perks, Bending Spoons invests first and foremost into its team. From health insurance to catered lunches, everything is taken care of so that Spooners can just focus on doing their best. In Luca’s words, “At Bending Spoons you’re expected to make a difference, and your opinions and ideas truly matter”. This deeply-ingrained independence seems to be one of the elements making Bending Spoons a success story that stands out.

The company’s flat hierarchy allows every Spooner to impact the business from day one, and promotes initiative, periodically rewarded with share-options. Join the team that aims at conquering the app stores, they’re hiring.


Bending spoons (1)


Flixbus is one of the fastest-growing companies in Europe. In only 3 years its international team grew up to 1,000 employees, generating around 5,000 new jobs in the local SME industry of its key market.

However, by our own experience, we know that Flixbus hasn’t lost an inch of the start-up attitude that made it grow so fast.

If you want to join the Flixbus family you have to set your attitude into start-up mode: an entrepreneurial spirit, full of ambition, enthusiasm and in particular a non-formal dress code (you can wear whatever you want!). People on average are straight-talkers and the bright side of their growth and attitude is that you find relatively young people in very high-profile positions.

If you don’t like straight talkers, or if you feel uncomfortable dealing with work you’re unprepared for, this is probably not the right place for you. If you’re not willing to take responsibility for your work from day 1 this is probably not the company for you. In case you don’t match the abovementioned, and you want to meet smart and friendly people, fun at work and beyond (they organize team events regularly) this is the right place for you.

It is absolutely one of the best companies to work for, thanks to the spirit in which they want to revolutionize the way in which people travel after the deregulation of the market.

If you want to join the “go green” revolution, take a look here:




Wire is not a company that thinks small, they stand for one mission: to create a secure communication tool where people can text, call, create and share without sacrificing their privacy.

At Wire new team members are supported from day one. It starts with a solid onboarding and relocation support if needed. This means they can focus on the job right away. The team is from 23 different nationalities which brings together different background, viewpoints, languages and occasionally snacks when someone’s returning from a trip back home.

As Natalia Dorozala HR Communications Specialist says “We spend most of our time during the days at work so having people with whom we can enjoy working together, but also talk and have fun with is fundamental. At Wire we never stop learning, there’s a culture of sharing knowledge and this pushes everyone to grow”.

Throughout the year there are several workshops, conferences and other events for teams and individuals to obtain new skills and improve existing ones. They encourage everyone to do tech talks, both internal and external and speak at events, from small meetups to large conferences. German classes help international colleagues and their partners feel more at home in Berlin.

A number of perks make the day-to-day life more pleasant – adjustable standing desks, high quality chairs, yoga classes, table tennis, foosball, breakfasts, lunches, snacks and a fridge full of drinks.

In a world where social media is the first thought in the morning, and where people struggle to realize how valuable their data and information are, one of their biggest challenges is to make people aware that privacy matters.

If you are passionate about data encryption and open-source, this is a place for you! Discover their job opportunities:



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