How learning a new language can boost your career

How learning a new language can boost your career

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Being fluent in an additional language can make a huge difference to a candidate when it comes to employability. For some roles, it can be a deal-breaker and without fluency in the required  language, you can’t even be considered. For other roles, an additional language can give you a significant advantage over other applicants, especially if the company has international dealings or clients.

Global organisations always look favorably on candidates with a second language because these individuals can be looked upon to be the link between regional offices, and ensure a good flow of communication. This also means you can get exposure to projects that you wouldn’t normally be involved in, as you may be required to translate and then add further input. Additionally, any companies with international clients will require candidates with language skills to ensure their clients are given the best possible service. International clients will report a far stronger service if you can speak to them in their language. It really shows a willingness to go the extra mile, and adds reliability.

Sometimes your life takes you abroad to find new opportunities and you have to face many challenges: cultural change, moving, settlement..etc. and, most of all, the language. Learning the language of the place where we live and work in is, often, necessary, not just for a job position but also for daily life necessities. It makes you feel part of the community, part of the working environment, part of the society.

Here we gathered some inspiring ted talks about learning a foreign language, tricks and hints to master a new skill.


Tim Doner is a prodigy in communication and languages. In this talk, he suggests a method worth mentioning, spacial memory, that makes languages an interactive experience, and helps the learner to process the words. Language is a cultural world view, and embracing linguistic diversity means accepting to expose oneself to the world.  


Claudio Santori & Muezz Vestin speak about their own experience, and how they learned Lithuanian, and it is hilarious. Practicing a language is hard when you just know the basics..but if you never start, you never improve. On the other side, sometimes people try to make your life easy and speak to you in English, a widely common language. But in this way, you never start actually improving and practicing. So, Claudio & Muezz decided to record a video and ask everybody to talk to them in Lithuanian. And, it went viral!

Sid Efromovich gives a very good advice: not being afraid to make mistakes. He suggests to allow ourselves to make mistakes, step into the unknown and have the courage to explore a brand new road. Learning a language is possible and easy thanks to his 5 fun methods, like having a shower conversation, all with the goal of taking us to a magical and beautiful place, where we can really understand not just the others, bur also ourselves.

In this Ted Talk Chris Lonsdale ask himself “how can a normal adult learn a new language quickly, easily and effectively?”. His answer is modeling. His belief is that anybody can learn any language in 6 months, all that is needed is the 5 methods he explains in the video. This method is new and innovative, a bit different than the typica “language immersion” that we have always been told to do.

This is the last video I want to share about language learning. Benny Lewis is an electronic engineer and after his studies he decided to master his language skills. What he learned is that all you need is the right motivation. Motivation is everything. Even when we think we have no language gene or talent..that is not true. Anyone can learn a language, we just need to start and accept being a beginner and embarrass ourselves.

Necessity is a key factor behind the language learning process: you cannot work and live in a place where you don’t have some grasp of the language. Being fluent in a language opens the door to many opportunities and chances, in life and work. It widens your perspectives and broaden your mind. It can make a difference in a career, and if you have ambition it can really make a difference.
Effectively, whether you’re looking for a career that will take you around the globe or are just keen to give yourself that extra point in the interview process, there are endless possibilities for those that claim to know a second language. Being able to communicate beyond your native tongue is something that’s shown to be understood as a massive benefit.

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